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2014 Q7 versus apple iPhone 13 - bluetooth issue

Hi all. Sorry if this has been covered before, but have just joined, and also just picked up a 14' Q7 SLine as a weekend cruiser. Great machine. Bought it off a mate, have driven before, and also hooked my (previous) iPhone into it with no issues.

Day 1 : system wanted reset, picked up my iPhone. (and directory)
Day 2 : no way it was gonna connect, neither any subsequent days. Kept looping in Bluetooth mode, frustrating. No joy.
Day 7 : Random start up, it connects like nothing happened.
Day 8 : same as days 2-6. Nada.

Lot's of googling seems to point to the aspect of newer iPhones not being compatible with the slightly older Audi's. Have done numerous factory resets via the cars's main menu of the phone / bluetooth etc etc - to no avail. Tinkered with network settings iPhone side of the equation, seems also no joy.

Found the Audi site where they list 'tested phone handsets' and no mention under the Q7 2014 models anything later than an iPhone 8. (and similar aged android handsets - ie: samsung etc etc )

Wonder if anyone experienced the same issue, if there is a crack for this issue, or of the only option is to :

A) get an older iPhone.....(no)
B) buy a different car ...... (no)
C) have to use the CAR phone / sim card as an alternative - but that's problematic in Aus, as only one sim card per phone number, and do not want to run another number in parallel. (last resort anyways)

It's a particularly weird and frustrating issue, cause the car clearly on RARE occasions can in fact see the iPhone and directory, and hook together, but it lasts only a very short time.

(PS: previous iPhone was an iPhone 6 - and that certainly had previously hooked into the BT in this very same vehicle. Leads me to believe it's an apple issue, and more than likely compatibility with the iPhone 13, maybe newer tech and/or chipsets being used?)

I have thought of running a different sim card / number combo in the car and redirecting the number (forwarding I guess) when in the car, but any such idea defeats the purpose of BT and the way these cars should be enjoyed!

Any thoughts / ideas / cracks/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bypass the factory system and install something that gives you full carplay/android auto?

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