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2014 RSQ3 Radiator Fan on Full Speed on Cold Start and stays Full Speed on while Engine is On.


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A few days ago our RSQ3 Large Radiator Fan would start on full speed at cold start and stay on for the entire time the engine is on. The Smaller A/C Radiator Fan doesnt come on.

- Did a full scan with OBDEleven Pro - No error codes
- Before start, turned off aircon and climate control - No Difference with the Large Radiator Fan coming on full speed on start up and staying on
- Outside Ambient Temp on Dashboard is Correct
- Dashboard Temp Guage operating normally from start up
- No Degradation of performance
- No Coolant Loss
- Engine / ECU completely Stock
- Our RSQ3 has approx 90,000km.

Any ideas of what could be wrong ? Anyone had a similar problem ?

I was wondering if the Small Fan or Fan Controller could be dead and maybe failsafe would be put large fan on full time. (But why no error code ?)

Thanks Mike
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yeah, sounds a bit suss...

Not sure of the issue, but this is a similar/interesting read..

yeah, sounds a bit suss...

Not sure of the issue, but this is a similar/interesting read..

Thanks for the heads up, yeah it does sound a little similar.. I actually read that post over the weekend, there were quite a few posts where the fan wouldnt turn off like this one once engine/ignition is off. My situation is the Big Engine Fan comes on full speed (like a Jet Turbine) once engine is started, stays at full speed, but stops when engine is turned off. The Smaller Aircon Fan doesnt come on at all. I was wondering if there is a Fault code my OBDEleven isnt picking up that maybe VCDS or Audi Dealership Diagnostics will pick up.. I did read if there is a Fault Code around Cooling system / fan, the Engine Failover to running Main Fan at full speed.
always worth a vcds scan I say...

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