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2015 Snowy Mountains 1000

Yes you can spectate - there's usually quite a decent crowd that shows up to watch.

If you're planning on doing so, give me a shout as myself or one of the other OzAudi entrants could get you in as a pit crew - no cost and access to the pit area all day (rather than just during lunch when the general public can wander through the pits).
OK, only two sleeps to go. Other than James, are any Canberra based Audi's going to run or spectate? If anyone actually needs a (qualified) hand in the pit, yell, otherwise I'm just going to drape myself on the wall and watch the action.
If anyone heading up early wants to convoy tomorrow morning there's 4 of us (2x Golfs, AMG A45 and the RS6) leaving probably about 5ish to get to scrutineering.
Drive safe - it's a ****ty morning for Roos. I might see you on the side of the road.

Drive safe - it's a ****ty morning for Roos. I might see you on the side of the road.

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OUCH! That aside ( and that's a significant statement in itself) looks like you had a good rest of the day. Good to catch up with you and the guys. Cyclists aside, it was a quiet run to and from. Had a chat with the lady driving the "only" RS6 on the day and she got a good time. Maybe next year. There were a number of Canberra guys I saw that went independently, so not a bad turnout.
I hit a roo about 5kms south of Bredbo, just on dawn. Skippy was standing in the middle of the road - I'd managed to slow down to about 20kph and thought I'd miss him, but the genius decided to bounce directly at the car rather than to the side and made impact directly on the 4 Rings.

No really serious damage, but the impact pushed the connector for the front parking camera through the transmission cooler, leading to a rapid expulsion of coolant. Game Over - RS6 went home on a flatbed, will be off the road until we can get a new cooler from Germany, hopefully before the Christmas holidays. Thankfully the carbon fibre splitter was untouched and it doesn't look like there's any panel damage at all.



The rest of the day was a bit anti-climactic for me - it's the first time I've not had a car running at the SM1000 and you forget how slow the day can be just spectating. There were a couple of equipment failures out on the track and we ended up leaving about 3:30pm after only 3 runs. I suspect the cars that stayed had at least another run or two before the end of the day.

Sally's RS6 was impressive - just looking at the size of the carbon ceramic brakes on the front made me jealous. She was as disappointed as I was that we didn't get to do our V8 vs V10 Uber Wagon showdown.
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Oh that's a shame! Roo's are so unpredictable and stupid! But looking at the glass half full, no panel damage which is a relief. Hopefully you get it fixed before the xmas break so you can enjoy the RS6 over the holidays!

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On another point with Roos - I always put those animal repeller whistle things on my cars. Only $5 from supercheap. Not sure if they work but provides some psychological peace.

I do lots of road trips and Roos are a real concern.

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I went through the damage with my mechanic mates (both Audi specialists) and the radiator isn't too bad - only $550 or so to get the car drivable again.

The front grille however is a different story - just the honeycomb section is $4800! All up there's over $6k worth of plastic bits that were damaged.

It's looking like we'll get the radiator fixed ASAP before Christmas, then get the insurer to sort out the cosmetics in the new year.
^Unless he has one of those "no-claim bonus protection" thing's attached to the insurance... that allow you 1 at fault per year (or so).

Crap luck on the damage though. That price for the plastic is a bit insane! Guess they have to justify the additional cost of the RS badge somewhere :p On the bright side, the fix to get her drivable again is reasonable and sounds pretty quick. There's just nothing that you can do with roo's. Even those active Shoo-Roo things some people say work, and some don't so what do you do? Try and avoid them to have them go spastic and see if they can jump through the car. I've been lucky over the years touch wood. Do a lot of driving at dusk and dawn through roo area's but never had a hit. Watched a few smash into cars i was waiting to overtake... but never me!
I don't expect to have an issue with increased policy cost at renewal - our policies with Shannons all include maximum no-claim bonus protected for the life of the policy.

Nice theory re the price of the grille - unfortunately the RS6 badge is actually a separate part that clips onto the grille, so that's not even included in the $4800... I'm just thankful none of the carbon parts were damaged - I can only imagine how much those would be to replace.

This is the 4th time I've hit a roo, but thankfully those hits have only ever resulted in minor damage (plastic, bumper and headlights - never any bent panels). I try to avoid driving at dawn/dusk - this time I had to meet a schedule so had little choice - but 2 of the incidents were in broad daylight so that's no guarantee anyway.