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2016 A4 B9 Advant park brake problem


New member
Hello all,

It has been an age since posting on this forum, glad to see it is still up and running and as always with a great bunch following and feading back to the community.

Anyhow our wagon has had a dummy spit today informing there is a problem with the parking brake informing the car needs to be taken to the workshop for repair.
My wife called the NRMA however in the meantime I arrived home from work and was able to investigate a little before roadside arrived.
The car will easily move around and when on a slope in neutral will roll away indicating to me the electric park brake servos are not jammed on, rather cannot or do not apply.
The NRMA chap plugged in however could not reset the fault and let us know diagnostics indicated there was not problems with the servos however there were CANbus issues flagged suggesting issues with the park brake button.
I doubt it is the lowely push button and a small amount of internet reading would indicate the issue may be with the EPB module.
Our guy that usually services the car has indicated if it is the EPB we will need to take the car to an Audi dealer because the EPB will need to be specifically programmed to match the car. Can anyone inform is this true?
Open to all suggestions on the best approach to get this fixed in a cost effective way and dont mind getting my hands dirty.
I would also ask if we think there will be any problem driving it to the destination to get fixed if that is what is required? The nearest dealer is approx 100km away.

It is looking like the Papaya 2005 TT 3.2 is going to have to leave the garage while the A4 goes to the doctors.

Cheers for any assistance offered.
Interesting one. I was just talking to a mate with a RS3 (old model) and he had an issue with his daughters golf (?)... Probably was the park/gear selector button(?) that was attached to the engine. Scanning with VCDS gave him the code, which he looked up. Works out that Audi had a 'workaround' solution where you put a new switch 'near' the gear level, which then activates when you put the car in reverse.
Not the same issue as you, but might be similar?
Other option is to ring around the independents and see if they can offer up any advise/solutions.
Can/have you scanned it for errors?
Thanks for the feedback jnrdavo.
I talked to the fellow who looks after my mum's Merc and although he couldn't lower his standards and dabble with an Audi he pointed me in the direction of another local who specialises in VAG cars. They took it, in ran diagnostics and reportedly it is just the button. A replacement has been ordered and for the crazy price I hope it truly is only the button. It will be installed on Monday.
Driving the car was no problem, so if in the future anybody has the same problem I think you will be safe to drive it to the doctor for repair.

Cheers, Oldmate.


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