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2016 Maps are here already! (with p/n and photos)

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The SD card is considered workshop use only.

When you get the update done through the dealer, they apply the update and provide you with a licence card in a DVD-type case.
I just updated my 2013 maps to the 2016, I bought them for $200 and it cost another $200 to have them installed and activated.
Mmmmm, map update missing from MyAudi. Looks like the next update is about to hit. Hope it is a good one.
Hey all, my old man has a 2011 B8 A4, are these maps compatible and what exactly do I need? Is it the map SD card + Activation Code, and that's all?

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Hi Michael, I haven't purchased anything yet...

Just looking at options to see what's most cost-effective. Comparing the cost of the map upgrades against the cost of just buying a stand-alone GPS unit from Garmin/Navman/TomTom, etc.

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Comparing the in car Audi GPS with the likes of Navman/Tom Tom/ Garmin is not apples like apples.
The after market makes offer free life time map updates every 3 to 4 months, host of current POIs, traffic activation (TMC via Suna), redlight, safety and speed cameras, speed limit display, actual speed you are traveling, availability to load other country maps, portable between cars/locations and all for the cost of under $200.

The Audi system for your A4 offers expensive map updates once a year, very limited POIs, I am guessing no traffic, no ability to load cameras or other specific POIs or display speed limits, relying on the car's speedo to show your speed traveling but very good in car integration.

At the end of the day value for money is heading towards the after market setups.

Personally I have a current model Navman sitting on the corner of the windscreen to show/warn me of what is around, display my speed and the current limit. I use the MMI system to navigate around (unless the address is not present) with maps a few years old. My plan was to update maps around the 2 - 3 year mark but I have had no need to yet with the backup system. When I do get around to updating I would most likely look outside the dealer network for half the price.
I spoke to ACS mid last month and they indicated sometime later this month.
I want the upgrade for mine before it comes off lease in March, and we move south.
I have got it, part number is as shown in the attached picture, at this stage it's not GA release (General Availability) until May, it's available on DMS (dealer management system). I have it running the on my cars.
This week I'm in Sydney looking after some customers :)
Back in Melbourne next week.

I hope this helps!


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Hi Everyone,
I just bought a 2010 TT with RNS-e but when I bought it I didn't realise it didn't have the map dvd or sd card, not sure which its supposed to use. I rand Audi but I cant afford the price, does anyone have a copy I could grab . Please.
Thanks Damien