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2020 RS6 vs previous


New member
Keen to hear if any punters have driven both the C7 & new C8 version? Not sure if it's just me but whilst the outside (esp front) looks super cool and more aggressive, the interior has gone a bit too "tesla" for me? The MY15-18 just feels like a sports car when you get in but didn't get the same emotional vibe with the new one.
I'm yet to drive the new RS6, but IMO the tech in it is great and once you get your head around how to use it it is a good system that well and truly brings the car into the current day.

Whilst I have no issue with the MMI in the C7.5 RS6, it is starting to look a bit dated, particularly when you put it against what is on offer in the new car.
I love the look of the inside and outside. I think one of the greatest things that have changed in cars in the past 5 years have been the MMI... it's been a serious focus of manufacturers now, and it seems to be that the larger the screen (or more), then more points you earn :)

At the end of the day, I think it will settle down and we will see a few more buttons. I love the look of the screens, and you can tailor them to suit your needs, but hate the finger marks that are so easy to see.
In my opinion (as a former C7 RS6 owner) the new generation Audi interiors (for example the C8 range, facelifted Q7 & Q8) really lift the game to a new level with the full touchscreen interface and integrated (rather than stuck-on or pop-up) screens. We've got a new Q7 and the touchscreens make the interior a much nicer place to be, and it feels far more appropriate for a 2020 model. Wireless CarPlay on a high resolution widescreen display almost justifies the entire infotainment cluster itself in my book. I'm certainly not OCD in terms of fingerprints but I really don't notice much of an issue with marks on either of the screens in the Q7.

By contrast the facelifted 2020 RS4 and RS5 models and new RSQ3, which still retain the old dials and segmented LCD displays for the climate control system, feel a full generation behind.

Aside from the fairly useless touchpad and the slightly wider MFD in the middle of the cluster there's really not too much difference between the infotainment system appearance and controls of a C7 RS6 and an 2014 A3, which is a bit disappointing considering the $200K difference in list price. Nothing in the interior of our RS6 really made me feel particularly special (though the B&O tweeters that pop out of the dash were a nice gimmick) - the special part of that car was the ludicrous V8 and the sub 4-second acceleration to 100kph that didn't let up until well into jail territory.

With the new C8 interior there's now a massive difference between the 2020 RS6 and 2020 A3, and that really makes the RS6 feel far more special in its own right. Now that your $250K buys you an aggressive exterior, top-shelf modern interior and more of that stupid-quick performance I'd be recommending the C8 over the C7 generation with no hesitation.
But does a C8 sound as good as a C7? My C7 RS6 just makes all the right noises, especially after putting on the Forge Motorsport Atmospheric Dump Valves. But mine does have a Milltek non res cat back which I'm sure helps a bit.

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