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A3 8P 1.8T Check Engine Light


New member
Hello everyone.
Just my second post, and asking help immediately, been busy with work so was not able to login.
Today I was driving from South Coast to Sydney, just after Wollongong on the ascending road (Mount Ousley Road?), check engine light turned on then I lost power at 80kph in D5, have to down shift to M3 to be able to continue the climb. The check engine light went off after a couple of seconds, I did stop to check in one rest area to check coolant and oil, all okay and engine running normal at idle. However I was in limp mode all the way to Sydney since every long ascending road along the way, I cannot sustain the power so need to go to M3 every time.
Anyone who have experience the same? I will schedule for check tomorrow, any idea or knowledge will greatly help in the diagnosis and repair so that I also have and idea. By the way, mileage is less than 93K and does not have any issue prior.
Thank you everyone.
Keep safe.
Could be spark plugs, coil packs, fuel pump, sensors.. you'll need to have it scanned to see what errors have been thrown.

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Thank you for the response sir.
I have scanned it today, and got failed codes P030200 and P030400 misfires detected in two cylinders.
Will start with spark plugs then coil packs.
Thanks again.
Most likely coils..you can swap them between cylinders and then reset codes and then see if rhe misfires move...

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If ya hitting the 150,000km mark, id be most definitely be looking at doing a full major service with coils, plugs, and possibly fuel filter and pump.
But hey, at least ya got a fault code lol
Im chasing an issue with the misses mazda 2 that threw a CEL but left no code for me to follow up.
I think iv nailed it down to a bad MAF so fingers crossed

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