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A4 / A5 / Q5 Q5 2.0 TFSI Burning Oil Problems - Information Here

Same problem with my 2010 A5. Was in the middle of an oil usage check when my engine started running rough. I had it towed into the dealer. They checked it and said it was a coil and spark plug issue. Restarted an oil usage test. Oil light came on after 800K. Took it back to the dealer and now I'm getting new rings as well.

My dealer has been very good so far. Let's hope this fixes the problem.

Well forum people. Looks like my A4 2.0T will get new rings and total check.
This is not due to my oil usage, even though I have always thought it was too high but told common on the turbo engines.
I have had to be towed twice into dealership. The first time they thought it was just spark plug and coil.
On the 2nd visit, it seems it is getting oil in the cylinder and causing the problem with mis-firing. So, new rings all round.
Does anyone know if Audi provide free oil top-ups if the car is out of warranty? If so, do you need to have it serviced at that particular dealer for free top-ups?
for those who has their oil consumption issue fix, which dealer did you guys go to? I'm in sydney, thank you.
hi guys. i got 2010 a5 coupe 2.0 tfsi turbo. done approx 118000.
bought brand new and started to have problems with oil issues from the start. up until last week i had to add 1liter of oil in every 400km and 2 days ago, car was driving very rough and got it towed to the audi repair shop in oakleigh vic.not a dealer since the warranty ran out. they told me yesterday i need to replace all pistons and rods due to the oil burning problem and cant not just replace the rings. and quoted me $6500 to do the job with imported piston kits from US since audi approved ones will cost twice as much.....i am shocked and dont know if that is a rip off or not. and they told me there are 3 others with the same problems in their shop. what do you guys think?
i called audi like 3 weeks ago about oil consumption issue, they give me a reference number and said someone will call me back. 2 days passed nothing. Called them again quoting the reference number, they said OH, xxxx suppose to call you back, will get him to call you tomorrow. Again, nothing ..... call again, telling me the same thing... this whole process of "someone will call me back" took more than 1 week. 2 weeks later, I called again, and they said..... please call the dealer to have this sort out .............................................
looking at selling the car now.
Does anyone know if Audi provide free oil top-ups if the car is out of warranty? If so, do you need to have it serviced at that particular dealer for free top-ups?

the melbourne audi has told me that they provide free oil top ups, regardless of warranty. i've gone a couple of times after warranty was out and they did it with no fuss/questions.
Perhaps we should charge for our time to take the car in each time it needs oil in addition to having problem rectified. Audi seem to be charging approx $150-$200 per hour for labour.
Hi Guys,

I bought 2009 Q5 TFSI a month ago(my first ever European car ) . Did the 5 year (75,000KM) service as well. Ive noticed the drop in the oil meter after 2 days (200km travel). I also had a message in the dashboard saying "Gearbox malfunction , Limited functionality. You may keep driving ". The car only has done 58,000KM. Now im finding that this issues are common. How can Audi not do anything about it ? Does any one know about a petition or a campaign that I join to urge Audi to do something about these issue ?
Hi Everyone,
I have a 09 - 2.0TFSI A5. I am the second owner and have owned it for almost three years now. It is out of warranty and I have 97000kms on the clock and at approx 85000kms have been experiencing issues with excessive oil consumption. I can also see that it blows a little smoke from the exhaust with heavy acceleration. I'm having to top up 1-2 litres every 300-500kms. In fact, after topping up 1 litre and driving for about 10 kms the top up light re-appears!! Very fustrating! I understand that this common with these engines and a known fix is to have the the breather valve and crankshaft seal replaced[FONT=verdana, arial, geneva, sans-serif]. My problem is however, I have been having it regularly serviced with my independent, not Audi. I called the Audi dealership from which the car was originally purchased from who said that because it has been serviced by my independent they will not take any responsibility with fixing this issue. Basically they will not take any responsibility.

Can anybody recommend a solution for this? A service center in Melbourne they can recommend? What are my options?
What are my options?

Have you tried raising the issue with Audi Australia?

The fact it doesn't have full Audi dealer service history will work against you somewhat, but it is a recognised problem with the 2.0T and if you lean on Audi Australia a little you may find they are willing to assist in some way.
In the first instance I would recommend picking up the phone and raising it with Audi Australia through the customer service line.

You might be pleasantly surprised with their response, but if that doesn't get you anywhere formalising the complaint in writing would be the appropriate next step.
I had my first impromptu fill up today. I've recently purchased a b7 2.0T Quattro and was loving the car till right about now. I'm glad that the cars got a full dealership service history, so I'll give them a call to follow this up.

does anyone know how much oil if left when warning 'minimum' light comes on? (Sorry, couldn't find it in threads or the manual.)

I've had to top the oil back up after just over 3k km. hmmm, not great but on other turbo cars you change the oil every 5k km, sometimes earlier.
I have a 2009 1.8T which has this Oil Problem too (see http://www.ozaudi.com/forums/noob-section/47652-hello-one-all.html) 1 litre every 300k's (roughly), or 6 to 7 days commute for me.
It's been two weeks since the Audi Centre sent Audi Australia the data, and when I didn't get a call back from the dealer I rang them. Apparently Audi Australia wants the dealer to strip my engine and take a bunch of measurements etc. - then they'll decide what to do . . . or not to do. It is apparently unusual for a 1.8T to have this problem.
Only problem is, is that Audi Australia didn't say that they would pay for the strip down, and whether they would pay for it to be fixed. The dealer was trying to clarify this - but I haven't heard anything for quite a few days as yet. I will be calling first thing Monday.
A5 2t Q apr1 1l shell 5w30 ect every 700km, 2009model called parramata audi tehy asking for test no warranty all cost from my pocket.
is anyone fixed the engien replaced privatly ?
It's worth doing the $400 stage one fix as it could fix the problem and if it doesn't at least Audi will document the consumption issue.
I have a 2011 Audi A4 1.8T MY11 which uses 1 liter of engine oil per 300km and finding alot of black soot on my rear bumper. Is the extended warranty on 2.0T only?