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A4 / A5 / Q5 Q5 2.0 TFSI Burning Oil Problems - Information Here

Interesting article Guy. Must be some sort of trust issues between the applicant and the respondent...why the applicant wouldn't let the dealership touch the car, even though it had been serviced by them.

As this would be deemed a major issue, under the DFT act, he could actually take the car to a different mechanic of his choice.

I had a similar experience with a second hand car I bought (MK5 Golf) which had CEL issues in the first 3 months of ownership. I managed to get a full refund plus pro rated on road costs. In my case, I gave them every chance to fix it, but they still couldn't. I even took it to Derek at EA who eventually found the problems but the dealer wouldn't play ball with the costs of fixing.

But after raising a case with DFT, they came around and refunded the monies. No tribunal thank goodness!
You are right d-train, I think it's an interesting case & the way the tribunal has handled it is interesting. - I think there are some lessons there to anybody that wants to take a case forward.
Refund was always going to be tough, yet I do know of many people who have had their lemons swapped out within the first year for another new car of same model etc, brands including Seat, Alfa, Nissan, Mercedes for various reasons.
Was flipping through the pages of the March '13 edition of Motor checking out an A5 comparison test when I just about sprayed my morning coffee over the magazine's pages...

The picture caption below an Audi 2.0 engine read: Audi's 2.0-litre TFSI DI turbo petrol is getting on for 10 years old, but constant improvement saw it voted "International Engine of the Year" from 2005-2009.

Sort of begs the question as to why this award was handed out to a renowned oil guzzler. :roll:
My A4 has just been dropped off at Audi this morning for an engine rebuild. Failed the 2nd oil consumption test. Used over 1 litre in the 1000km.

Hope this is the end of the Drama's that I have had with this car. It has made the confidence in this vehicle so low, and with Warranty running out I was considering selling it.
So Audi Australia are doing what....ignoring this by free top ups ?

Yup. That's what they're doing.

I took my case up as far as the CTTT and didn't get anywhere. The APR tune was detected on my car when I took it in for unrelated warranty issue - if anyone is taking their car in to Audi, have the car reflashed back to stock beforehand as they can do a long code exam. They did do a stage 1 on my car but further work was to be at my expense. The arbitrator basically said that I would have to pay for any further work, even though I did establish that the oil consumption level was not in a range that the average consumer would expect. The Audi rep played hardball even though I was willing to compromise on costs.

So as per usual VAG group, deny, deny, deny and try and ride it out. Free top ups for cases where the consumption isn't too bad, and rebuilds for the worst cases. Great strategy for keeping your customers happy.

As for me, I doubt that I'll be buying another car with 4 rings ever again. After all the hassles I've had, I've just bought 2 cheap and cheerful Korean SUVs (paid in cash), which, had Audi come to the party would have been 2 Q3s. Congratulations Audi Australia. :moon:
AND... The Audi A4 has finished top of the DEKRA Used Car Report for 2012 as the car with the lowest fault rate. It is the fifth win in a row for Audi. The A1, A5, TT and Q5 each came top of their respective categories.

Are you freaking serious ? oh wait all within tolerance all. All cars have issues, its how you deal with the issue is the important part. And it looks like Audi are going to be ruined by social media.

And please avoid the 1.8 AND 2.0TFSI Engines....
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The Green Stratery

He Gents

Just had a brain wave suggestion from a mate of mine.

Something that I don't think many of us have factored in is the effect that this massive oil consumption is going to have on our catalytic converters!!! Is this going to covered by warranty as well???

This kind of Oil consumption going though the platinum filters is going to render the cat all but useless very very quickly.

My mate suggested taking the green approach to the "Almighty Audi". They may not give a damn about us customers but if we can link it to a "Green" issue we might suddenly get a different level of attention.

Is it worth a letter to our local greens mp (as much as I don't like them)?? I would say so......
my mate even suggested that maybe federal govt would fit the legal costs..LOL!!!!

Worth a try.
Have a look at the Audi Australia Facebook page, someone on there has posted a few messages about the 2.0 TFSI oil and warranty issues to which Audi haven't responded.

Might not be a bad idea to post more, civilised responses and questions there, the more the general public sees this issue the better and it might force Audi to make a statement publicly to defend the oil use issues.
I know this is the 2.0T thread, but just to add, my wife has a A1 Sports (1.4T and Supercharged) and she just had her first service @ about 13,000kms.
She has topped up 4 times in that first 12 months.
Raised this at first service and service guys said that was good as they believe they are burning about 1/2 a litre per 1,000 and this is what is expected!!!!!!
Go straight to the Managing Director of Audi Australia. Any major issues like this, the dealers cant do a thing.
Well forum people. Looks like my A4 2.0T will get new rings and total check.
This is not due to my oil usage, even though I have always thought it was too high but told common on the turbo engines.
I have had to be towed twice into dealership. The first time they thought it was just spark plug and coil.
On the 2nd visit, it seems it is getting oil in the cylinder and causing the problem with mis-firing. So, new rings all round.
Got my Audi a4 2.0tfsi back a couple weeks ago after getting the piston rings replaced. Checked the oil level and seems to have dropped to a bit over half with only about 300-400km travelled. I hope the problem still doesn't persist

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My A4 had an engine rebuild. 5000km done since and the oil level hasn't moved

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went for my usual top up today, apparently even a simple topup is now being recorded and sent to Audi. Interesting. My burn is 1L/3000km at the moment.
Update on my problem with my A4. It was rings, sort of. One ring had broken and this caused damage to the cylinder, with fragments going into the sump.
Needed a whole new engine. Car is only 30 months old and around 38,000Kms. Not driven hard at all. Still under warranty.

Very happy with the dealership and the guys there getting it fixed. No issues at all.
Audi themselves seemed to have been good as well, but I didn't deal directly with them. It was a quick turnaround.

My issue is that the ring broke in the first place for a car that has done few Kms and not driven hard. Just chalk it up to maybe a bad batch of rings or something???

btw, dealership say the new engine is only covered by remainder of car warranty, but Audi have corrected and say, "all there parts have a 2 year warranty and the engine will be covered under that assumption".