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A4 Bonnet Strut Replacement


A4 1.8T
Did this one today quick and easy fix takes about 5 minutes at the most. You'll probably need someone to hold the bonnet to align the strut as you mount it as its not easily compressable as it shouldn't be.

Part number is 8D0 823 359B Cost me $70 + $7 GST.

Basically there are 2 pins and clips attached to the top and bottom or the strut pull the clip out with pliers or something and the pin will slide out try not to drop these into the engine bay..

Do the reverse for the installation of the new one getting someone to raise or lower the bonnet to align the bracket with the hole in the strut for the top mount. And done!

Have a beer,
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You can also get struts recharged/resealed at quite reasonable rates.

Not sure where these days, been a few years since needed it done to the old ladies Daewoo!!

There's a strut joint in Laverton North (Melbourne) too, who can match struts with replacements (and I think they're reconditioners too).
They're on Fitzgerald Road (that's the one which crosses Boundary Road at the big roundabout isn't it?) only a couple of clicks from said roundabout heading south (nearenough opposite the Snakata factory)
You know I completely forgot about those types of places, haven't seen that sort of stuff advertised in years.. Wonder what the price difference would be.
yeah, I also replaced the struts on my A3 tail gate as it wasn't lifting all the way up. regret it a bit as now I have to pull pretty hard to get the boot to close. :p was half the price of dealer quote, from ebay, $30 for both, shipped.
using the old struts for a cabinet lid in the garage. :D
Did it a few weeks ago bought the part from Audi spares in oakleigh for $20