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Anyone know Quattro specialist,Southwest of London,to do inspections?$?$


New member
Hello everyone,

I am looking at a Quattro ur 88' in the UK and wondering if anyone has a friend or knows of someone trust worthy and skilled to do an inspection of a vehicle?

I will pay for their time and car is located midway between London and Southampton.

All my friends have since returned home from the UK and no more contacts:sad:

Cheers, Zev
Hi Zed, I like the name:)

Thanks for the info. I will look into it now.

Perhaps I might ask a bit of knowledge from you, the car I'm looking at is an 88' with an S4 motor. I have seen more with S2's and RS2 or 4's, what are the differences, if any, mechanically. Bore, strokes, compressions ratios etc.

Please excuse my ignorance, just thought I'd put it out there before I go hunting it all down.


Got hold of Phil Pane!!!!

Hey Zed,

Got hold of Phil in the UK. He some pretty strong things about on of the mechanics that has done a bit of work on the car I'm looking at. I think he has been pretty badly burnt buy this guy as well as a whole lot of other people I've now read about over the net.

Phil seems very clued in but unfortunately unwilling to help in this case.

So I'm still looking.

Cheers, Zev
Ah yes, the "z's" have it.

an 88' with an S4 motor
Bzzzt! Not with a very long bargepole!

You're buying a very special car, don't waste your money on bastardised and buggerised cars that very possibly some idiot has been mucking around with.

Phil is a silly old woman sometimes but at least he will not let you buy a piece of crap.

You do realise I have a couple for sale right here?
Hi Zed,

Sorry have been off line for a while.

What do you have for sale? And are there any pics and details.

Cheers, Zev