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Audi Q7 Tablet Battery Replacement #1/2


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A little while back one of the forum members had an issue with his tablet from his Q7. It's dead and won't charge up. He had no joy from the *capable* Audi dealer who naturally wanted to sell him a replacement. I offered to take it apart to see if it's a dead battery. Long and short of it is I managed to pull it apart and got to the battery to confirm the model. But then I discovered the battery is out of stock everywhere I looked (worldwide!). This is extremely annoying and disappointing to say the least.

Up to that point I had been taking photos with the intention of doing a write up on how to replace the battery. Since I can't find a replacement battery, the whole thing is now a bit pointless. Nonetheless, the photos are there so may as well do it. Someone else may have better access to a battery than me and therefore may benefit from seeing what's involved.

Here goes!

The tablet is a Pegatron SDIS1. It's basically an Android tablet with an Audi overlay to the OS. Android is a very open system compared with Apple's iOS so it's common for a manufacturer to overlay the OS with their own features, including some amount of look and feel.


1) Unscrew the 4 T6 screws on the back, one each corner.


2) Pop out the SD card holder.


3) With the tablet on its back, start prising off the tablet face ALONG THE SIDES AT THE BOTTOM, AND ALONG BOTTOM EDGE ONLY. Once it's off, you'll find tiny little tabs along the bottom edge holding it in place (where my tweezers are pointing).


4) With the bottom released, tilt the bottom of the screen up, as if there's a hinge at the top edge. You will need to apply some force gradually to separate the screen from the shell. I'll explain further below. With the screen tilted, slide the screen off. DO NOT PULL THE SCREEN FULLY OFF. THERE IS A LARGE RIBBON CABLE HOLDING THE SCREEN TO THE BACK SHELL.

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