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B8 RS5 Tune options - ?JHM

In my research I found that ECU tunes for NA engines have very little to no power gains (which is why you'll notice that they don't show HP or KW numbers in their description).

Apart from replacing engine internals one of the ways to maximise power is to replace the entire exhaust system with a less restrictive one than stock and also adding a less restrictive air intake.

I believe that this 'tune' is really just mimicking a throttle controller which alters the power delivery at different pedal positions to make it feel more responsive.

The TCU tune offered however would be a reasonable investment based on what it includes as the DSG factory tune has terrible shift points in my opinion.

Note that the JHM Power Connect Cable is most likely VIN locked so you won't be able to just borrow someone else's to use on your car.

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Hey folks

I'm interested in the JHM tune on a 2015 RS5.

Anyone here found a local supplier and/or have the JHM Power Connect Cable needed to perform the flash.

Link below to JHM tune:
Stage 1: Audi JHM Tuning for B8-RS5 w 4.2L FSI (32v5 (jhmotorsports.com)

Stage 2: Audi JHM ECU TCU Tuning for B8-RS5 w 4.2L FSI (32v5 (jhmotorsports.com)

Alternatively, anyone have a locally available tune?

Check out Jackal Motorsports, they're in the US, but have remote tuning support. Matt is very helpful with any questions and support.
They have many users using their tunes from the older B6/B7 gen S4's, to the RS4 B7 and RS5 V8.
Thanks both. I know options are limited unless going the forced induction route. Don't want to end up like Marzz with his PES experience.

Found more that supports what's been said about the TCU flash though.

Got talking to Ape Factory aka RedMist aka RS5Fanatic - he seems to be on a lot of forums - about it. Looks like cable isn't VIN locked but good point - it never occurred to me to ask!

Will post back what I end up doing but it'll be a while.
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