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Back to the future. Go to overseas website for genuine audi car parts


Lost touch with the 4 rings for a over a decade but looking at a bit of back to the future.

Looking at getting back to tweaking something stockish with 4 rings.

Whats the brains trust consensus on the goto overseas websites for genuine audi parts for best delivered to your door value.
Cross off fcp euro. Limited genuine parts for what I am after.
Depends on what you are after.. For general trim parts, I've been using RM parts in Latvia (depends on exchange rate and shipping). info@rmparts.lv
For mechanical, I use my local independent, or vagparts.com.au
Thanks. Fcp euro was my go to, but seems they dont apply gst so its room the dice with customs. Seems to be ECS grabbed fcp's backend and their international shipping rates. ( was horrendous. Eg best website for identifying parts pics / breadth is stock, eg genuine, tuners parts but shocking shipping cosrag. Eg 3 plus multiplier. Impressed with there shipping rates and had an order delivered in just over a week. Ps they deduct the 10% gst. RM Latvia appears that you need to know the parts numbers and do an old school type order list to be returned as a quote.?

Vagparts cough cough what a difference in price. 1 litre of gearbox oil ( genuine) compared to 4l delivered from ecs with a few other parts to dollar cost average the shipping and duties and plenty of free kick maintence parts for same price. Vagparts genuine parts if available seem really exxy.