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Bent front impact shock obsorber


Front impact shock absorber is bent from a minor collision to a road cement barrier whilst trying to avoid a crash. The protruding left and right bar that also supports the rebar and bumper and tow hook is bent to the right

This is going to be my diy repair as the quoted repair are in excess of 10k which isnt worth it. Totally fix is more than the cars worth. my plan is to cut them both out from where is bends and weld in a perfectly straight one from donor car.. and sit a pipe inside the rear of it on the inside and weld it all together for strength and support.

I am open to suggestions and best way to approach it.. if theres a better way im willing to opt that route.

Heres a pic of the damage

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Yeh but just the front section.. it could either be cut out or bent back.. but then it wud need reinforcing

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Like the bonnet is fine and straight and aligned.. same with the fenders on both sides.. all intact and perfect.. but the front right radiator support is pushed in... but its pushed in because the that rail bar is twisted.. so i need to find a way to pull it back out which is too costly.. easiest solution i can.think of is cut that part out and weld in a new part

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If i put the.bumper back on.. can barely notice it.. but it wouldnt be safe id imagine

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