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Buyers Beware - Internet Sellers scam happen here too!

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Aussie Audi Guy

Hey Everyone - please check out fully the details of anything you may be purchasing (or Selling) on the forum. Don't send money unless you are 100% happy with the details & credentials of the seller.

Remember - If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is!

There was recently a locally based scam that almost went through:


Personally I hope this one gets reported to the Police - might teach one scammer a lesson. :evil:
also good way of payment is always Paypal as least then you have some sort of protection upon you.
Good thing is everyone involved in this thread communicated with one another and worked out how dodgy this person was...
thats what i alway tell people, if its cheap it has to be good to be true...

Scam alway targeting people who is quick hot headed and anything cheap cheap.

Just advise people, first get the contact detail (name, address, phone/mobile number) and call him to check at least. write down bsb and account number if u do transfer, police can actually trace for u if he scams your money. Happen to me on ebay, some ozhacker fraud my account. luckily he didnt delete email, and i found his bsb and name. police cought the bast**d and he doing for his crime.

Just make sure you PM other buyers :big_wink:

i paid over $2k for some audio equipment two years ago. a few other ppl were involved too buying various components from him.

he ended up sending me 1/4 of the products that i purchased and gave me bogus tracking details for the other items. ended up blocking me and not picking up phone calls, etc. he was in qld and ive got a few mates in qld who payed him a visit on my behalf. they couldnt physically squeeze the money out of him unfortunately and the result of that visit was that he just continued to promise to pay me back. which he didn't. i havent pursued it any further. may just pay him a personal visit next time im up there.

apart from that one occassion, ive had no dramas but you can NEVER be too careful.
I might also be a bit dubious about someone with only half a dozen posts, of which most are to do with the sale of said goods.

If I was going to buy something it would be from a well established member with a good reputation on here
Yah you are right G, I did notice his posts were only 10 when I bought but sometimes you got to learn the hardway to follow your instincts.:beat:
Not open for further replies.