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Buying a C7 3.0T a good idea?


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Hi all,

I am looking at buying a 2011 C7 3.0 Supercharged Audi. I was wondering how problematic/reliable? I read bad stuff about A4's of the same year. Of course I wouldn't expect much of the same issues if any, but best to ask, than find out the hard way. I understand the A4 suffered issues with its transmission... Different transmission I suppose? Also, I heard about terrible carbon build up due to the direct injection not being set up well.

Any other information? The more the merrier!

I have a 2011 C6 3.0T. The engine itself is pretty reliable. Main things to worry about are water pump and thermostat jamming closed. Depending on what km you're looking it, that may already have been taken care of. The oil consumption thing is a bit hit or miss on the 3.0T - some do, some don't, and judging by my own car I suspect a lot of it is down to driver behaviour - ie, if I hammer mine quite a bit it will use about 1L per 3000km, whereas I've done 8000km highway trips in it where the oil level was the same at the end as it was at the start.

The mechanical differences between the C6 and C7 are mainly that the C6 uses a ZF 6HP19 torque converter auto trans, whereas the C7 has the DL501 DSG transmission used in high performance Audis with longitudinal engines, ie the S4 has it too. The DSG is not particularly problematic in these but they are known to occasionally have issues - see audizine etc where there is a big cross section of users. If you're not convinced about the trans (like I wasn't) why not consider the C6? They are a huge bargain at the moment and the ZF trans is bulletproof. Mine has the two-tone valcona sports seats which really set the interior off, and with a good set of wheels they are a great looking car. They were also rated no. 1 vs all of their direct competitors in 2009 and 2010 by Car and Driver.

Carbon buildup is a negligible issue on the 3.0T. The issues you read about affect some direct injected cars more than others, but generally until the latest versions came out with both direct and port injection, carbon buildup is a potential issue on all DI cars. In reality though the 3.0T isn't particularly prone to it.

Go drive one - they're a great car, much more nimble than you'd expect, very smooth and I've never experienced a car that launches so hard off the line from zero rpm (I've had a k04 b5 s4 for reference). The A6 is way undertuned too, so a GIAC stage 1+ tune raises the power from 213kw to 309kw on the C6. Probably more again on the C7 because the big tuning companies could use the tunes they had for the S4. Both the C6 and C7 also have a sleeper factor that the S4 doesn't, more room, better standard kit and I reckon they have more road presence too - they look more premium. Have fun!
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Thanks for the reply Rich, I have been meaning to reply forever, just kept forgetting.

Thank you heaps for your informative reply. I just liked the C7 look that much better and I picked one up for a bargain.

As for the pump and thermostat, there is no mention of them being replaced, I am up to 122K, so probably best to just change them, hey! I hear the PCV should be changed at the same time as you are already in the area. A huge job! Am I stupid enough to just see if mine magically lasts? Time will tell :beat:

I will go for the tune soon enough.