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C8 Allroad


Hi all,

Seriously contemplating one of these as the next family car but due to their niche sales here in Tasmania hardly expect one to ever be in stock to look at. Any experiences of one to share or of the C8 generation in general?
Reviving this old thread to post my initial views on the C8 A6 Allroad.

Firstly my usage is less urban and more rural. And after a horrendous time dealing with (and giving up on) Land Rover after more than a year, having to place 3 separate orders due to shifting production output and increasing prices whilst reducing equipment (think semi-conductor issues), I went back to Audi because they had stock and did not artificially inflate the price.

The A6 Allroad primarily is a luxury wagon and tourer. Based on the A6 of course, it is high quality and well equipped (particularly with the premium pack). The body feels strong and quiet and the air suspension provides a supple but controlled ride.
The torque rich 3.0T diesel is strong and refined, overtaking is a doddle and it can be super efficient (I have got sub 6l/100km on the highway). Beyond idle, it even sounds quite good with the exhaust offering a muted but high-tech growl - true!

The A6 Allroad is not a sporty car and clearly not a SUV. Though it can be hustled along and the slightly raised ride height can be advantageous ... best peg it back, open the sunroof, turn up the stereo and cruise ;)

However I am not getting along with the gearbox. Sure it is smooth but the mapping is wrong. Despite the 600nm of torque available almost everywhere, the ‘box is continually hunting thru gears and drops 1, 2 or even 3 gears with just the slightest pressure on the accelerator. For example, there is an uphill corner into my street which the engine can comfortable take in 3rd (manually), but the auto insists in dropping down to 1st along with a flurry of revs. All unnecessary and I often use manual.

The suspension can be noisy with sharp edges (potholes etc.) probably due to the 21” wheels, but they do look stunning.

I also find the A6 Allroad just a little bit “vanilla”. But admit this is likely very unfair and just a reflection on how competent the vehicle is! Overall I have no regrets, thanks for reading ��
Nice honest review... I wonder if chipping rhe gearbox would fix the issue?

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