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Car Front Lights - Scratch removing


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So, was bored the other day with the S3, as I can't get the engine to work!! (see other thread).

So I decided to do something that I know I could get to 'work', and went about removing the scratches from the front lights.

The car has had a busy/rough life prior to me, so needed some love and affection.

Lights before (I didn't seem to take a log of the 'before' photos !):


Lights After:





I used 800 gritt wet sandpaper, then 1500, then 2000... Then I buffed it with various compounds, then a final coating in some wax..



Hopefully makes the car look less tatty :)
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Brilliant result there mate! It's so satisfying getting scratches out of anything. If you've got time and want a little challenge, probably worth a clear UV tint to protect the headlight (longevity) as you've sanded back a layer.
Yeah agree, something I can look at getting.

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Great job Stu. The lights have come up very nicely.

I would be looking at 2k clear coat in a rattle can to protect the lights.
That's a good idea too alister.. An I actually have some at hand!!

I've currently put on some 'wax' that I had, but not sure if that will burn off, or last at all... It was something at least..
Only some wax I had at the time.. car is not drivable yet, so not an issue. I have some 2k clear that I might use.

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You eventually will need to put a UV sealant on it. The meguiars clear is pretty good. Done a headlight from the wreckers with stuff turned out awesome.


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