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Car sometimes won't crank when key turned.


2006 Audi A6 Sedan Quattro, 175 000 km.

Hi Guys,
I seems to have a problem that seems to be slowly getting worse.....

Occasionally, when I turn the ingnition key on, The can will not crank. Dash lights ok. Battery fairly new ( genuine Audi ) No faults on dash.
Can here a faint buzzing( fuel pump maybe?) , but nothing else.

It usually clears after a couple of tries, but today it had to remove the key, wait a few seconds and it started fine. ( I don't think the wait time is relavent...lol)
I have a VCDS cable but have not hooke dit up yet, but will do soon.

To my untrained eye It seems like it might be a worn ignition switch maybe? They do do alot of work over the years.....

I guess Audi will be ready to stab me in the face when I ask how much a new one is.....

Has anyone else had similar problem? Known issue?

I don't know what to check beside VCDS.....

Audi Perth are 200km away so I can't 'pop in'.

Thanks Steve
Starter motor could also be rhe issue, but hopefully vcds can tell you more..

Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
Starter motor could also be rhe issue, but hopefully vcds can tell you more..

Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
Thanks jnrdavo, I never even thought of the starter motor. That does seem a possibility.
I just watch a vid on changing the starter.......geez......what a nightmare.....
I don't think I will attempt it as I haven't got a hoist. It would be too hellish.

Looks like I will have to get a garage to do it. dang.

I didn't see any relevant codes in VCDS, but I wasn't sure where to look.
Will have another look see tomorrow.

Whats a starter worth? $350 on Ebay.

not sure if VCDS will show up anything with start motor issues... but I could be wrong!

Not sure if you are a C5 or C6 A6, but VCDS might be able to read the part number of the existing one that always help.. Here is a Bosch one (new) for $300 or so..

Where abouts are you located? I can recommend a good garage in Sydney northern beaches, and I'm sure a few on here can recommend a few others around the country.
looks like superspares have the right starter motor then. Maybe others can chime in on recommended repair places in WA..