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Dirtiest car you have had to clean - PICS


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Ok, so starting a thread so you can show off what you've had to clean, and the end results.

I'll kick it off. This car has been sitting across the road from me for about 2 years. I don't think it's been driven since (and it's new!). Long story, but old person, purchased it, drove it to QLD and back, then went in to a home, and it's been sitting idle since then. Car has done about 2,600 Kays only.

I took it on the weekend and decided to help out (no charge) and clean it up, charge the battery, unlock the brakes, get the fluids working etc and drive it around the block to make sure all ok. Was fine after a full battery charge, and goes to show how well they are built nowadays, including the paint work.


20220406_073622.jpg 20220406_073632.jpg 20220406_073639.jpg 20220406_073650.jpg 20220406_073654.jpg 20220406_073626.jpg 20220406_073636.jpg


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RESULT AFTER PRESSURE WASHER AND CLAY BAR (and lots of air/rags/tooth brushes).

20220406_155858.jpg 20220406_155911.jpg 20220406_155916.jpg 20220406_155928.jpg 20220406_155933.jpg 20220406_155937.jpg
and last pics.. Not sure if it evens needs a buff, but will see if the sun ever decides to come out!

20220406_155941.jpg 20220406_155948.jpg 20220406_155954.jpg 20220406_155958.jpg
I'll echo Alister's sentiment Stu, wonderful gesture.

So what happens with the car now, does it just go back to where it was to sit idle again?
That's the question that I don't have an answer for. I just parked it on the road today (it was on his grass), and put a new car cover on it.... I also disconnected the battery, so I'll then drive it every few weeks or so to keep the fluids working..

I'll also speak to him to see if he want's to get his brother in law to sell. It should sell for a decent price, has 3 years warranty on it (but does need a service), and now is a great time to sell 2nd hand cars... Then again, you can only help people so much..