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Dropping the box - DL501 7 speed DSG


New member
Hi all,

I've searched for a while and not found anything so here goes:

I'm new but have owned an Audi A4 Quattro 2.0TFSI for about 28 months.
It's a 2014 B8.5 Avant with the 7speed DSG transmission.
I'm having a few dramas with it so looks like I'm going to be pulling the box out in the next few weeks.
I'm getting a crunching noise when changing up or down certain gears. Louder when I'm giving it the beans.
Can definitely hear it more with the windows down so it's not really doing the transmission any favours.
What I know so far:
The flywheel rattles at idle
The DSG oil was a bit dark but not incredibly bad
The Sound is like it has bad synchros but it doesn't do it all the time so it's hard to nail the synchronous straight up.
I'm replacing the flywheel so I'm thinking I might as well replace the clutch rings also while I'm in there.
I have read a bit into it on what I could find with Google but the info is vague at best.
A lot of people are condemning the mechatronics unit circuit boards which I've seen are replaceable along with a couple of solenoids, which can be bought as a kit...
What I'm trying to determine is if anyone has had this type of drama with their 0B5 DL501 transmission and if they've fixed it? And what they did etc?
Before I do anything though I'm going to drop the hypoid oil and check for excessive metal and see what it's like with new oil. Which leads me to a sub question: what weight gear oil do these things take? Cannot find a definite answer anywhere on the net, always just leads me to DSG oil.
Thanks for the help!
Hey mate, did you end up fixing this? I'm getting a similar grinding/scraping noise on gear changes between 5, 6 and 7 leading me to believe it is either Synchro or maybe Mech unit.

Did you need to drop engine to get gearbox out?

@Guwanno, Did you sort yours out? @nztdi, did you work anything out with yours?

I think mine has a rattling flywheel, but seems to run fine otherwise. Just trying to see what sort of a job flywheel replacement is.