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Favorite Victorian Roads...

Eildon-Jamieson Road - 50+km of continuous twisties. Thank me later!

Just dont arrive at Jamieson via Walhalla, as I did in the S3.
Actually, I started out from Sale, expecting 220km of mostly B-grade bitumen to Jamieson.
Well, the last half was gravel - up and down, more than side to side curves. I averaged 25kph for the next 4+ hours. I met no other cars, just Tonka 4WDs, which I waved past with an embarrassed grin. Great scenery all the same.

Consequently my drive from Jamieson to Eildon was spectacular - had to blow off all the dust.
All sections of the Great Alpine Road for me,..unless ya get caught behind a caravan or timber jinker on a twisty/double line area.
On the other hand, for something completely different, The Mallee has some sensational driving on B & C roads, with virtully no traffic, & some ripper Country Pubs.
Is this all sealed from Eildon to Jamieson? Street view only covers a small section near Jamieson.
100% all sealed. I do this road a few times a year with mates, always puts a smile on our faces.
The road in fact used to be a section of the tarmac rally stage as far as I know.

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Acheron Way! Not for those anxious about dirt roads, as the first half (from the Warburton end) is gravel. However, the second half is high quality sealed all the way through to where it pops out onto Maroondah Highway just south of Narbethong. Quattro in gravel is a revelation (read: a complete hoot!), while the sealed section has lots of fast-flowing bends with good sight lines. One warning - the sealed section is popular with the cycling set. Eyes peeled, and stay on your side of the road!
Drove the classic Healesville-Marysville-Reefton-Warburton loop this morning. Allways nice with no traffic.

S3 Woods Point Rd (LR).jpg
S3 Upper Yarra Res (LR).jpg
Yes... Actually now seriously considering skivving off tomorrow and doing the same run before the weather turns to crap later in the week. Hmm, lemme think... Nope, already used up available family/relative funerals... And the boss is never going to come at bubonic plague... I'll think of something.