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Finally tried out the famous leatherique


Decided to jump onto the hype and try this out on my RS4 seats. It was a definitely a process and you're guaranteed to strain your back doing this lol BUT the results are amazing.

My seats weren't terrible (cleaned and conditioned regularly) however most of the products I've used haven't been able to give me a complete matte finish. I guess 16 years of oils that seep into the leather are hard to remove.

Re-applied the rejuvenator oil 4 times over a 5 hour period on the day of application and let it sit on the seats for 3.5 days. Then used the pristine clean coupled with warm water to remove all the gunk that was on the surface. Had to refresh the bucket of water twice as it was nasty (take a look at the MF towel)

Attached are the results - I used a before and after comparison on the drivers seat (most used).

Definitely worth the effort and price! If you're in Sydney you can pick this up from VG Auto Paints in Giraween (best value I found for the 1L combo)


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Nice work - seats are looking good.

Can be super satisfying doing this kind of stuff.