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Forum section consolidation


Staff member
Ok, so I've been thinking for quite some time that we have too many sections. They worked in the old days, but not so much now with people used to facebook etc.

So, what do you think? Are you using other forums that 'work well' in regards to how it is setup?

I also use A5OC, and it's changed over the years, and now has 'consolidated' the sections so that the main page is a bit less cluttered and hopefully that means that people can find the right place to post.

So, I'm really looking for feedback here. Can any/all of you suggest some new layouts that may work for this forum?
I didn't have a problem with the "old" set up. I'm not computer literate, but I will adapt to the "new" forum.
When I access the forum page now, what I get is "Oops we have a problem", I'm then directed to the "home page", which gets me on here.
Anyway, all I need, is clear forum page headings and easy access to "new " posts so that I can easily access forum activity.
I've been on the forum for a while now, & find it a good source of info.
Thank You for your time & effort. Pickles.
I don't mind it the way it is. IMO the sections are fairly intuitive and there is a logical home for most posts.

I imagine it would be a fair bit of work to rationalise the post history into a smaller number of new sections.