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GIAC has just Released Software for RS6.

easy 520HP Crank HP
530-550 ft-lb Torque.

on normal premium Fuel, Not Optimax or Synergy 8000, this will produce more HP, dyno's will be released shortly.

NOTE, GIAC will only supply this Software together with new Transmission software as well to handle extra torque. The transmission software is not Optional but mandatory.

Speed Limiter has been shifted to 190MPH, but not removed.
The transmission will not handle over 190Mph.
If i had an RS6 there is no way i would run it on anything else other than 98 octane fuel, and if you can afford to buy an RS6 then you can afford to pay an extra dollar or 2 per tank.
Chux said:
If i had an RS6 there is no way i would run it on anything else other than 98 octane fuel, and if you can afford to buy an RS6 then you can afford to pay an extra dollar or 2 per tank.

Actually, I doubt I would spend that sort of money on an RS6 to get that sort of performance and luxury combo then bastardise it with any chip which could void my warranty.
hmm i dunno.... if you are spending that sort of money with Audi i'd imagine you would get a little bit better service and the service centre would tend to be a little more leniant than to us peasants with our povo A3's :p

although when i took my car in for warranty work, aside from the fact that it took them way longer than it should have, i must say i was happy with the service and the work carried out by Buckles.
RS6 tuning

Hi all,

Good point Dan.

APR's RS6 tuning is available with 525hp/490lb-ft (392kw-665nm) on 98oct. This software also includes a Valet mode, Stock mode, (3 eng programs) security lockout and anti-theft. All switchable via cruise control stalk.
Also comes with trans software.
All details at http://www.goapr.com/Audi/products/ecu_upgrade_rs6.html

Derek, You should go into advertising. lol that sounded like a commercial. :lol:

PS, can we get a better laughing emotion, this guy looks like his foaming from the mouth!!! :lol:


Probably more money in advertising and certainly a better lifestyle/parties etc...


Either advertising or IT

It seems as though your doing as much computer work as mechanical/technical work.

Gee - just changing the software to get 70 horses.!!!!!!

But heck - the only way I want to go at 190 miles per hours (283kmph) is with two wings and little bit of height.

Is 500 horses usable on the street?? or would you be spinning every where without traction control

giac chip

it's interesting that i made inquiries to the performance of these chip for my RS6, and there seem to be secretcy over the issues as to performances and the only replies i get are from the dealers themselves.
.I'm no pessimistic, but a claim of that magnitude by simply remapping a chip without other mods, does questions the quoted power figures, anyway i've been promised a dyno print, if i buy the chip I will expect to replicate very simmilar power and torque curves, otherwise the sh*t will hit the fan.

Welcome to the forum.

A couple of things

- please let us know where you are - you may get a better response, we all gather you are in "Australia" somewhere. APR have representatives in 4 states, shortly 5, so we may be able to point you directly to someone close rather than just an email address.

If you wish to challenge any manufacturer's claims, would it not be best (if no one has the product installed) to take it up with the "dealer" themselves?

My understanding with most dealers, is there is a money back guarantee if not satisfied, and if 6 tuners come out with power claims within 10% of each other on the RS6, are they all making false claims? not my experience. No reason for the Sh*t to hit the fan really :wink:

Not trying to throw cold water on it, but one of the bannings on the old forum came from a "user" with a hotmail address & multiple IP address's for posting, even though they already had another identity. If secrecy is a big issue, please email me privately & I will see our first RS6 owner gets the red carpet treatment.

Anyway, have you got the RS6 yet? If so, please tell us what it is like! I am sure everyone will be desperate to find out.

My own drive (in an RS6) in June lasted a few minutes on the backroads in Germany, in Rudi's (The boss at Oettingers) own RS6 avant. It was breathtaking (500+ hp claimed). :clap:
wow you know mr oettinger... did you take a photo with him? you got to drive his car! :shock: sorry for adding crap to this forum

guy's right, if you tell him your location he can tell his buddies to look out for you, and you get really good service :)

I presume you may have tuned many other turbo cars previously but probably not any Audis.

As a non dealer, the figures being bandied around for power/torque increases with chipping/ECU tuning for the RS6 are proportionally in keeping with other lesser Audis. If anything they are conservative. Most "chips" eg APR, GIAC, Wett etc offer :

TT - 17% increase in power, 25% increase in torque
S4 (biturbo) - 20% P / 25% T
RS4 - 15% P / 29% T

These have all been easily verified by various owners on dynos around the world.

The RS6 figures are approx. 16% P, 16% T - entirely believable.

Hope that helps
wasn...Check with Guy as to whether the APR free trial period is available for the RS6. If so, you can dyno check the claims without spending a cent on any chip! :D

Thank for the tip mike, will look into it when car is delivered.
Att ea2001

If you read carefully, i stated a lower octane the fugures that have been released, with higher Octane fuel, more power will be made.

Soon Giac will release dyno graphs of higher octane figures.

But lets not forget where apr started and were they went to get started into chip programming.
If you have been around long enough to know that.
What is the standard boost setting on a rs6 mapped for Australia, and what were the boost increases and from what rpm were they increased to achieve these hp figures.

As I am expecting my rs6 as well and am looking into a chip for it, and want to know whether the thing is going to ping cause our climate here can be extremely harsh.

Thanks for any help

coool we have quite a few brisbane members... one with an RS6 too! how bout a GTG in a few weeks? :)


Standard boost is max 1.8 bar absolute. (approx .8 relative)
I will let you know what chipped boost is as soon as I can.
The ECU should control pinging by retarding the particular cyls it is detected on and result should be no pinging.