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Headlight wiring and oil leak


New member
My C6 S6 was giving me the usual headlight warning light and, again as usual, when I looked inside the wiring was cooked with insulation fragments everywhere. I had this problem previously on a B7 S4 and replaced the headlight with an outrageously expensive used unit. So this time I decided it was worth at least trying to fix it. So I cut an access hole in the casing and then used cloth based insulation tape to cover the individual wires. I had to use the tape along the length of the wires as there was no space to wrap them as you usually would. This was only possible for the larger wires though. For the smaller black wires I separated them so they were not touching and squeezed in silicone sealant - I figured that once cured this would keep the wires apart and insulate them.
When I put it back together I forgot to slide the undertray into the lower front bumper, so then I had to remove the tray to refit it properly. While I was there I had a look to try and localise the slow oil leak. I'd thought that was from the power steering but it must have been burping some air as it hasn't lost a drop in 6 weeks or more. I had the torque wrench out so I thought I'd check the sump bolts that I could actually get to. None of them were torqued up to spec, so I tightened them up.
Yesterday I got back from a 630km trip to Perth, around Perth, and back home. The lights worked fine and no warning messages, and not a drop of oil under the car.
So, success for last week's efforts.
The replacement windscreen washer pump arrived this morning, based on prior experience with the S4 I am less confident that this will be a simple job.
Off to Perth again on Thursday, getting a spare key on Friday morning.
After that, transmission fluid and filter.
nice one. it's good when you can fix a problem by yourself with just time and a few par5s.

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