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Injector Removal Tool for 4.2 FSI


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Any Western Australian Audi owners out there that have an injector removal kit for the 4.2 FSI that I could borrow? I'm going to replace my injectors in my S5. I could borrow, purchase, or pay in beer dependinng onhow much pity you have for me atempting to do this myself! In the garage at home. If anyone has done this before any advice is welcome.
Pre soak the old injector with wd40, let it sit for a bit then pull.

They actually come out easier than you think.

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Pre soak the old injector with wd40, let it sit for a bit then pull.

They actually come out easier than you think.

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Thanks Mike, if I have the right tool on hand it's a bonus!
I've ordered one it's on it's way. I've got the injectors and the mounting cages already so just waiting for the kit.
Job done, the tool worked fine but Mike was mostly correct I only had to use the tool on half of the injectors and even then it was only a slight tap of the slide hammer. All back together and no fuel leaks. I'd like to say it's running fine but I don't think I've got rid of my running rich of idle problem but I'm chasing down an oil leak atm so the fuel mix will have to wait.

Anyone want to borrow the tool I'm rent it out for good advice and a cold beer!
Glad to hear it went well.

Where is the oil appearing?

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It appears to be coming from the waterpump side of the engine and at the back of the lower sump but I'm not convinced about the the lower sump. I'm hoping it's not the upper sump and I know it's not the oil cooler as those O rings were recently replaced (becuase it was leaking there). I think it might be a seal around the water pump shaft or the oil pump? Anyway I'm running it up again to day to see if I can get a good handle on it. I might try a couple to get a couple of pics.

Just went out there it's leaked a good amount of oil just sitting there not running it definately higher than the lower sump and appears higher than the uppper sump. I mihgt have to pull the intake off again to check under the cover plate in the valley.
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You can see the oil coming from behind the water pump somewhere and from corner where the oil cooler connects to the block. Looks like they might not have done the oil cooler seals properly or they didn't seat or something. If the garage wont redo it I'll have to do it myself.

Sorry the pics are upside down there's not much room in there even with the lock carrier out.
I did my mine were the oil cooler connects to the block. I believe that the o-rings go hard over time and that can cause an oil leak. It’s a decent job to do as you need to put the front end in service mode and move the alternator out of the way. It made a difference.

You can also check where the oil filter neck connects in the valley that is also a location that can also leak.

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I've got the front in service mode now so I'm prepared to do the oil cooler. I'm considering pulling of the water pump to see if the drive shaft seal is causing my other leak. it's trying to find the parts that can be a little frustrating.
Did you find a kit or purchase one?

Interested in what you got and if it was good if the latter.

I got one off ebay, had more bits that I needed but gave me confidence that I could get the injecors out if they were stuck. Putting the new ones in was easy.
I’ve also done my front main seal as I thought that may also be a source of leak.
The rear had been done with every clutch change so I thought it was time to do the front main.

I’ve also bought the genuine tool to install the new front main as well, simple job if you have the tool.

Not sure if the S5 v8 has a front mount oil cooler but if it does I would check where the hoses go into the block. The B7 rs4 does. I’m not talking about the oil cooler behind alternator.

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The front main doesn't seem to be leaking but I'm considering replacing it anyway. Only the high revving V8s in the RS models got the front mount oil cooler as far as I can tell so I think I'm OK there. I purchased a borescope camera to see if I can get a better view of the area behind the water pump before I start taking everything apart.

Looks like fun times ahead.