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Insurers who cover genuine Audi/OEM glass


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Hi All,

Recently my car got broken into (smashed rear windscreen and driver's window) just a petty thief looking for money or valuables.

I've been with AAMI for a very long time and never had to make a claim until now.

So I go through the claim process and they get windscreen o'brien to come out and replace both smashed windows.

They bring out non-genuine aftermarket glass and nobody even asks me if I would like genuine Audi glass.

Anyway, the driver's window glass that the guy installs has an issue. The window doesn't wind down all the way to the bottom, because the mounting points in the aftermarket glass are slightly incorrect and therefore window can't wind all the way down! Looks stupid because the other front window can.

Similarly, the rear window they fitted, while it is manufactured by the same company that makes the glass for Audi, is not the actual audi branded product and as a result, the rear demister heater lines in the glass are all bright white which looks really stupid when the rest of the car windows are all very dark and nicely blacked out I.e. privacy glass.

O'Brien agree to source genuine audi driver's window because the aftermarket item doesn't wind down all the way i.e. defective. That's a good win.

Then I ask them if I can get genuine Audi privacy glass for the rear windscreen. They have no issues with ordering it for me, but they say that AAMI will have to approve the "upgrade" to genuine OEM glass. So she calls AAMI and we have this 3 way phone discussion about it seeking approval. Long story short: The AAMI lady bluntly says sorry your policies only provide for non-genuine glass and we don't cover genuine glass, EVER. NOT APPROVED. She said, ONLY IF aftermarket glass is not available will they approve genuine glass because there is no other choice.

I told her that the rear windscreen looks stupid and devalues the whole car as the colour and demister strips all look wrong.

She says sorry that's the way it is, you can pay yourself to upgrade to the better glass.

So I wigged out and told her I'm pulling both my policies for RS3 and brand new SQ5 and going elsewhere.

And I'm now going to pay with own cash to make sure genuine glass goes in my car as I don't want it devalued or hacked with crappy parts.

Can anyone recommend insurance companies who are happy to use genuine glass without turning it into a massive saga?

When you are insuring 100k cars, surely this is a reasonable thing to expect!

AAMI just lost a long term, well paying customer with 2 policies that has basically never made a claim from them.


Get this: Icing on the cake...

The confirmed prices for non-genuine rear windscreen vs genuine Audi rear windscreen are:
- Non Genuine = $1030.00
- Audi full genuine privacy glass = $1186.70
Difference = $156.07

Which AAMI refused to pay. So they lost my $2500 / year worth of policies LOLOLOL. Idiots.
AAMI are the worst in the business when it comes to cutting corners at claims time, so nothing new there.
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check out shannons. Just tell them you want genuine glass coverage and that it is listed on your policy..
My wifes car was insured with Aami and we had to make a claim, never again. All my vehicles are now with Shannons
recruit2,..Very informative post,...Thank You.
Yes, useful info. I used aami for the allroad but never claimed so the policy was never tested.. A bit of bad luck having two screens smashed in Canberra, it's usually a low risk area.