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Looking at B9 A4 Avant 2.0T Sport Quattro


New member
Need a wagon, and wanting to stick within the VAG family, so have narrowed down my search to either a MK7/7.5 Golf R, Passat 206TSI R-Line or a A4 2.0T Avant Sport Quattro.

Got a few questions -
Are there any major issues that I should be aware of in the B9 A4?
Is the 2.0T slow in the avant? It will be replacing a MK5 GTI in the fleet, so suspect that it will be at least the same or a bit quicker than that.
How tuneable is this engine?

Those smarter than I can correct me, but is this rhe engine with oil leak issues?

I doubt it will be faster than a GTI, it's more of a cruiser.

Engine does have tuning options though.

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Not thought about a Skoda Superb liftback?
Will check them out. I originally was thinking a MK3 Octavia RS, but not sure if the Skoda's feel less premium inside compared their siblings. Plus, not a huge fan of the exterior looks, but sure they could grow on me.
There seems to be two variants of the 2.0t - CVK (140kw) & CYR (185kw). I'm looking at models with the higher output.

Anyone know if this engine is any less reliable than the EA888's in the MQB VW's?
If you opt for the quattro, it will be the 185kw version

I have a B9 Avant Quattro as my daily switching from a Golf R. To answer your questions, water pump will need to be replace at around the 5 year mark (80,000kms with mine), Ive also recently replace the engine mount and the bushings from the upper control Arm.

I personaly think the power is enough for a daily and the interior quality is definitly a step above