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Milka's RS6 Build thread.....


mmmm v8 TT
Ok here we go again, I have decided to start a new thread as my plans changed. As most of you know I'm now build a genuine RS6 instead of starting with an S6.

So this thread is old http://www.ozaudi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14378

So here are the starting pics....




Pictures and updates should happen quite often and will be very technical and in depth.
Ok so first thing was to put the original suspension back onto the S6 and put the KW V3's onto Annika, oh by the way that's her name ;-). So here are pics of the original KW V3s.

As a quick side note one of the main reasons I managed to get her at the good price that I did I think was because the Audi DRC that come std had failed and would knock badly when the shocks compressed...

Ok next on the list was to make her sound a nicer ( a lot nicer ). The solution was a full Miltek including downpipes and full exhaust.

Currently in the middle of redoing the intercoolers, sways, control arms, radiators, secondary air injection, windscreen washer bottle modificaiton and Oil catch can..... Well it all makes sense to me ;-)

Ok firstly the intercoolers, currently re-coring the stock audi intercoolers from the std depth of 65mm of tube and finn core. As below:


Below is a comparison pic of the original 65mm core and the new 115mm thick bar and plate core.


Completed intercoolers with new cores, due to being limited to 6 pics per post please see next post for close ups of new coolers:



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Ok here are the close up pics of the intercoolers:





Ok so the project is moving along next to come are: Catch Can and in the next post I will post pics of the spare engine block sitting in Melb being checked out before being fully rebuilt.
finally some progress pics.... :_b:

love your work son!!

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God damn

Nice car Milka. You have nice taste in cars. Nice colour too?

Was the Milltek full system brand new? or second hand?

Im still waiting for my Kw V3s and Hotchkiss ARB to arrive. :_b:
Yeah got it brand new from the US. Waiting for my Hotchkiss bars too. Where did you get yours from?
Looking good milka. :_b:

Currently in the middle of redoing the intercoolers, sways, control arms, radiators, secondary air injection, windscreen washer bottle modificaiton and Oil catch can..... Well it all makes sense to me ;-)

Whats this secondary air injection you speak of?
Also are you modifing the washer bottle to accomodate a IC water sprayer or just to make the ICs fit?
Just need to modify the bottom front to allow the larger intercooler on the passenger side, it's only about an inch in and up. So quite small but still needs to be done to keep windscreen washers working.

Secondary Air is just something I need to modify in order to fit a decent closed system catch can, that way it stays legal, with no direct vent to atmosphere for crank and head vapours

I ordered it direct from


Do you mind me asking what you paid for your full Milltek system? delivered? Did you get hit with customs duty ? I too would love a system like that, but I think catback is sufficient for my pityful stock RS6 :rofl1:
I got the last set that I think Stratmosphere or some shop like that had. They were happy to get rid of them so sold it quite cheap and gave me a discount on the shipping too. Can't remember about duty but I would think so.

Oh, in your Sig you say you have 8 pot plus brakes? All RS6s came with 365mm Brembo 8 pots are yours any different?
My 8 pots were upgraded to RS6 "plus" calipers and discs.

This is what I was told by the previous owner. Not quite sure technically what the difference is, but the rotors are considerably bigger.
Only difference with the brakes on RS6 Plus is they came with cross drilled discs as standard, it was an option on normal RS6.
I'm pretty sure thats the only difference braking wise.
I have no idea.

I think you maybe right. But all my rotors are crossed drilled front and rear. Looks tough. LOL
Measuring up B7 RS4 flywheel to get custom Clutch Masters clutch and flywheel made up. First pic is a pic of the clutch masters clutch I will be using then the rest are pics of B7 RS4 flywheel, if anyone has access to a B6 S4 flywheel please let me know I just want to take some measurements!





P.S. This will also mean that anyone wanting a twin plate clutch and custom flywheel for their B7 RS4 can get Clutch Masters to make up the same....
Ok got a new parcel, Hotchkiss sways have arrived, they are sooo sweat check out the mountings!!!