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My new Q5, (watch this space)


So my Q5 3.0 TFSI just arrived today dirty as hell so I got to work ASAP



Started on the engine bay


After hours of detailing its a car that I’m in love with








Iv got so many plans for this
Current parts waiting to install

Carbon fibre trims
SQ5 black grill.
SQ5 door Handel trims
SQ5 door entry trims
H&R sport springs.
Stage 1 tune
Porsche Macan GTS brake upgrades
Custom exhaust
SQ5 rear diffuser
APR stage 1 tune. These engines are so governed
APR intake
And possibly wheels.

I love this car more then my RS5 for some reason.
Love the color absolutely Gorgeous

So yeh watch this space. There are going to be a lot of things changing. Its going to to be a SQ5/Porsche
Congrats - no doubt very satisfying to give it a thorough clean up now that it is in your possession.

You've done well to gather all those parts for it already!! I look forward to hearing about your progress with all mods - no doubt the engine mods will really awaken it.

On the wheels, FWIW I quite like the style that is on their currently.
yeh Iv only spent like $4000 on everything and its still way cheeper then buying a SQ5. I just dont get why people are paying like 10K extra just for a badge. Literally After I’m done with this, it is a legit SQ5 that would be sold in America but better. My budget is 10K which is still less then what I would of select on a SQ5. It just baffles me on why people are paying so much for these things.
The modding bug is hard to stop once you've started.. my skoda kodiaq RS is a year old this month, but still completely stock.. not sure if that will be the same next year.
Good luck with the mods, are you going to dyno before and after tune?

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3.0TDI. I didn't even know the 3.0TFSI was an option in Australia.

Yep and I think it’s why I’ve triggered many SQ5 owners lol
Let me be clear, there is no difference from a 3.0 TFSI TO A SQ5. Other then the obvious cosmetics, there is no structural difference.
It uses the same engine, same gearbox, same diff (provided you don’t have the sports diff) which every one iv looked at don’t.
Only difference is the price tag. I just don’t see the logic in buying a turbo diesel SQ5 with fake exhaust systems with a $20,000 hire price tag lol
For less then 4K iv gotten everything I need to convert it into a real SQ5 non of this ****ty diesel crap.

But back to my point, yes I think these cars are one of Australia’s biggest sleepers. With just a stage 1 tune you can get amazing power out of them and these engines are one of Audi bests engines.

And I absolutely love this interior i have in it. I never liked the SQ5 interior, just too much leather. I absolutely love the audi perforated alcantara, and the S line seats are Identical to the SQ5 so again, where is that extra 20K going to lol.
I challenge anyone to justify where the extra 20K goes into a SQ5 compared to a Q5 lol its a joke.
And again, the SQ5 dont even have real performance brakes, It still runs floating calipers all round which is embarrassing. Hens why I went with the Porsche Macan GTS brake kit.


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The modding bug is hard to stop once you've started.. my skoda kodiaq RS is a year old this month, but still completely stock.. not sure if that will be the same next year.
Good luck with the mods, are you going to dyno before and after tune?

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Not really worried about power but I assume they will do pre testing before they do the tune. I dont want big power. I just want the power specs as if it was a real SQ5 TFSI
I am doing to do a full service including carbon clean and supercharger service. I only just did a carbon clean open my RS5 so this should be a walk in the park.


nice on the carbon clan. Did somebody to a bit of porting as well, or is that stock?

Will be interesting to see the power differences with the tune compared to stock, and compared to the diesel SQ5... The SQ5 might have more torque, but the petrol after tune probably more horsepower?

I'd love to be able to do the carbon clean at home on my S5, but with the supercharger (and my skill set/tools), I'm too scared to remove it (and don't have a cleaner either!)
Not sure it was ported by the previous owner but judging by the state of how gunked up it was I highly doubt that it was.
The 3.0 TFSI is one beast of an engine. Just a basic tune with stock internals you can get double power gains which is unbelievable.

From what Iv been looking at, the carbon clean on this is pretty easy. I think the hardest part would be stripping down the blower to give it a good overhaul. I’m yet to see the state of the intercoolers.
We all know how excited we get with new cars, just like a dog with two appendages perhaps. The real math is at stage two, which isn't just a basic tune but a bit more detailed, plus maybe some other work?, you go from stock (272) to 425, an increase of 153 which is very approximately a 56% increase if the figures presented are correct. Very nice if you come from a N/A car but pretty well what is expected from a puffer.

I like miracles but even with Audi you don't get that for free. Basically you will have the equivalent output of a 20 year old 2.7 ltr RS4 with a basic tune. Make no mistake, it'll be a quick car and no doubt very enjoyable, but you have to put this in perspective. With 20 years of technology to draw on, this shouldn't be seen as the parting of the waters. As said though, it'll be a nice car to drive and I'll be checking in to see how it all goes.
The engine in the Q5 is a very detuend engine for marketing reasons I believe. The 3.0 TFSI is a unbelievable engine and it is up there among the RS models in my opinion.
Northside euro in Canberra can do a simple stage one ARP tune with zero engine work that is completely safe and give a very decent results.


IM not after huge power gains but I do want to have this engine to be running at a level in which it was designed for.
200kw’s is just an absolute joke of what this engine should be producing.
Iv been assured by all the guys in the US forums that this engine is a must for tuning.
At 200kw, that blower is absolutely redundant and basically is not even functioning. Any V6 these days can put out way more without any forces induction.
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For sure, most audi engines are gems. You say that the blower isn't helping at the power output you could get from a tune but I would respectfully disagree.

You know that engine power basics is the mass of O2 and fuel at the correct ratio that can be converted into force over two revolutions, minus frictional losses.

With a NA engine, you can get a small power increase by intake and exhaust tuning at the cost of repositioning the power on the band. You can increase capacity which gives a more rounded power band.

With a forced induction engine, you can get massive increases by increasing the boost pressure (thus increasing the mass of the air/fuel available) sort of doubling the static engine capacity. All this is pure physics and all the sales fluff in the world doesn't change that.

Where the magic occurs is in the control systems and for very obvious reasons a modern engine management system has it all over older cars and can produce much more HP from the same mass of fuel/air mixture. Better management of boost, very much more detailed ignition and valve timing, more sensors and quicker responses, less internal friction all contribute to the output which is why I say that if you are equaling the output of a 20 year old engine with something of similar configuration then this isn't a modern miracle. A good EV will blow the doors off most Audi RS cars (despair) but that is just the next stage of propulsion evolution.

My point, take the blower off and see what you get. It won't be what you think, more peaky with power higher up the band, no low down torque etc etc. Whoever writes the tune map will (or should be) using all the tricks and options available to make the broad spread of power available that you will certainly enjoy.

Long story short, this should be a great car to own and it'll be both quick and strong and a good lesson on how to get an SQ5 for Q5 prices, but it isn't the revelation or magic pudding of tuning.
I’m just considering that if a NA 3.2 V6 can make 186kw’s . Then a 3.0 V6 with a supercharger should be making well over 200kw’s
A realistic power output should be hitting the 250kw Mark.
Still I believe this engine is massively undertuend considering that the stock SQ5 TFSI is making 260kws and the first gen S4’s where making 248kw’s lol then it’s obvious this engine if governed.
It’s safe to say that this engine has be engendered to Handel way more then 200kw’s
It’s the exact same engine as in the SQ5 and S4.
So pushing it to get 250kw’s is not going to harm it one bit.
So pushing it to get 250kw’s is not going to harm it one bit.

I haven't bought into any mention on whether a power increase would harm your engine or drive train. I was caught by your very enthusiastic opening remarks that the tune would double your power output i.e.100% increase, whereas the figures supplied show it was approx half that, 56%. It was a bit extreme to let pass without comment. Nothing more.

People see Forums in different ways, some to showcase their latest achievements and others to attempt to pass on knowledge or alternatively limit the spread of these rumors that become fact over time. You're clearly hands on, which some of the brethren are not, so I thought that you would appreciate the opportunity to rephrase the outcome in line with technical (as opposed to political or social) correctness.

Let us not get distracted from what otherwise could be a good read.
Just removed that crappy chrome strip and the over uses of badge





Got my SQ5 parts awaiting in Sydney for pick up and have the Porsche Macan suspension on its way. But in the middle of moving house so wont beagle to do anything till I can find a house with enough room to do all this work.
Also it failed a road worthy having an emissive amount of oil found under the engine for some reason.


As you can imagine i was absolutely fuming being that I was told by the Mercedes dealer I bought this from gave this car a so called “full mechanic inspection” (lol) through their workshop and I specifically asked to check for any oil leaks, and if so I would pay for them to get repaired. So they completely lied to me which again just proves my theory stealerships are just the worst place to take your car to. So having on the hoist for 2 hours getting drenched giving the whole underbody a degrease and pressure wash just to make sure there is no sign of any oil to pass the RWC. I had my suspicions it was a rear crank seal but found nothing in the bull housing so I think iv narrowed it down to leaking valve covers.
Passed the RWC so I’m just going to keep an eye on it from now on but have it booked with AUDI to get this sorted, being that Mercedes has agreed to pay for everything. And so they should. This is just absolutely incompetence on their behalf.
I wouldn’t care if they found oil leaks and made me aware of it , as long as I was fully aware then I could make a decision on it.
But telling that it had a full mechanical inspection and found zero leaking or any signs of oil is just absolutely wrong.
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A letter to the dealer principle and review on Google might be worth the effort...

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