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My new Q5, (watch this space)

Great progress mate, but sorry about the back.

Definitely go to a doc and get it checked out.

Why do you have to move, work,

Also don't forget I've sent you a PM..

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Got the rears all painted up.
I had some spare paint and a few decals left over and thought I’d make a set of S logo plates and wish I didn’t because I can’t decide now what ones to go with lol



Logic is telling me to go with the S plates being that the fronts are S decal

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Match the fronts...

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Brakes all fitted and bled. Waiting on the tires to arrive now.
No point fitting the wheels just yet.

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nice one! You're going to be bored when this is done!!!
Unfortunately I have to move house and I wont have anywhere to put it so its going to be going into storage sadly.
I won’t have access to a garage so Im in a hurry to finalise this build before I move.
Hopefully I can start building a house mid next year but im finding it hard to find a builder that has the plans I want with a detached garage and a driveway along the side. All the houses Iv looked at have these tiny attached side mounted garages for some reason.

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A guy down the street build a masterton house and got a triple garage included... he's got 2 old cars (circa 1920's?) and a normal car...

I think most places will do it (icon etc) as long as you insert coin...

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Yeh I hate the houses they build these days. I hate working in my garage with the door open for everyone to see in. I really need the garage down the back like how they use to build houses.
Soon as I see a the price fall Illl be buying

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Got a question for you. Do you have a filter on your compressor to stop moisture?

I'm getting a lot and would like to get rid of it.

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Lol haven’t you asked me this question before lol
To get rid of moisture run about 5 meters of line from your compressor to your outlet at a hight point and terminate with a water separator at a low point, and then run another water separator at the end of the line your working on.
The longer the line, the more time it as to condense into a liquid state but be sure your filer is at a lower point of where your collecting.

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Im absolutely buggerd
been working on this all day but the beast is finally on the road and its looking absolutely like a monster now.








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Looking great Muckman - you've clearly put a fair bit of time, effort and $ into this and it's come together really well.

Only thing I would change is to remove the SQ5 badges.
Can you post some before and after shots before you lock the beast away.
That way we can really see how much difference your work has made.
and put up a list of mods, that's always impressive (showing it all in the one spot)
Not many mods really other than the bakes
Macan front knuckle
Macan 390mm front rotors
Macan 390mm front calipers
Macan rear calipers but they are they exact same as the SQ5.
Only reason I went with the Macan rears was because I got them way cheeper then what the wreckers were asking for the SQ5 ones. They was ask around 400 for the rears and I got mine for 100 bucks lol
Being that I was going to have to paint them anyway It made no difference.

The front end parts
SQ5 front bumper
SQ5 upper grill
SQ5 lower grill
SQ5 splash guard
SQ5 bumper insert

Rear end parts
SQ5 rear diffuser
Custom fab exhaust delete wit Duel 4” tips

Interior was a bit of work

SQ5 gauge faces and Needles
SQ5 carbon trims
SQ5 entry trims
SQ5 steering wheel
SQ5 gear knob

Im keeping the S line seats because I absolutely love the perforated Alcantera. It looks so much better than the SQ5 leather. To me these are way better quality.
Not sure if these where an option someone els int he world but if I can find the Part number for the SQ5 model then I might change em over.
I was looking at getting a set of recaro seats or even convert them to the 2020 SQ5 seats

Engine wise not really any mods other then the intake
APR carbon intake.
K&N high flow air filter
Custom open airbox

Work done to the engine

Full carbon clean
Injector clean
New PCV system
New PCV solenoid
New water pump
New thermostat
New valve cover seals
New belts and pulleys
New tensioners
New coil packs
New spark plugs

Full black optics trims

Things to do

034 Motor sport Stage 1
034 Motor sport ZF8 tune

ZF transmission service
Rear diff service

Quattro decal kit
Remove and replace window tint
Paint roof rails
Paint door handles
Bilstein adjustable coil overs
Full exhaust system
21x10.5 wheels

I’ll post some new comparison pics after iv done the detail
its still not fully complete being that I still need to paint the door handles and roof rails.

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Doing a detail and added the Quattro decal


Not sure if i got the position right

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