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MY13 Allroad - panoramic sunroof leak


New member

Has anyone had any experiences with sunroof leaks (rear, passenger side)?

I have a bad leak (~10 Litres of water from 22m of rain)
Have you checked the sunroof drain tubes Cameron?

The dealer did, at the service last week & "couldn't find anything wrong" & wanted the car again. On Sat I gave it a light shower from the garden hose and it leaked like nobody's business into the headliner above the rear door.

I pulled the C pillar cover off and removed the Jesus handle, lowered the headlining enough to take a look, and the hose is in place & is not obviously cracked. I think it's the 'hose out of round compared to the fitting' issue that people see in the Q7's, but I'm not an expert. There is every chance that the hose is blocked also (or a combination of both)

Dealer towed the car back on Wednesday (as it had a LOT of water inside it from Monday's downpour) - Curtain and side airbags were drenched, the floor is under about 4cm of water... Water water everywhere and are now saying 2-3 weeks to strip the interior, dry it out, see what the damage is, and then talk to Audi about a contribution....

This is of course 2 weeks after the extended warranty expired. (there was a 5 week wait for annual service availability)
Not good - sorry to hear Cameron.

Whilst it sounds like it is coming from the rear left, make sure they check all 4 drain tubes.


As a followup...

8 weeks later I have the car back. Apparently it was a cracked drain tube...

Not sure what it cost ("About $6k") to repair, but new drains, new interior carpet, and a myriad of other parts. Appears to be a good job done on the repair.

Cost covered by Audi Oz and the dealer together. There were a number of reasons why I think they realised they should cover the cost which I won't document publicly - needless to say I was confident I had a decent argument, and they did the right thing by not even going there.

I guess the high cost of dealer servicing can pay back for some, sometimes.

It took 4 weeks to get the interior stripped, dried then the repair cost approved. Then another 4 to fly the parts in & fit.

I had brand new poverty pack Q2 and A3 loan cars during the time - cheap but respectable cars (the A3 was far better) but it was nice to get back into the A6 afterwards - it's a much better car (unsurprisingly, considering the cost diff)