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NAV Updates


New member
hi can anyone please tell me when the latest maps for the nav were updated.
I have a 2013 a6 picked the car up 3 months ago brand new showroom car and seems to have old maps in there.
And if old maps how to update this
Any help would be appreciated
hey thanks for the advise
looks like the dealership didn't upgrade mine when I purchased I will be definitely having a chat with them first.
dissapointed in dealership

I'm really disappointed in a dealership in Melbourne for after sales service.
As I posted previously that the car I purchased had older maps than the car I traded in.
Was not told be the salesman that there was a difference in the maps and when asked he said he shouldn't have to tell me that when selling me the vehicle.
All I asked for is to update the maps yes can be one for 800 great.
Anyway this is for anyone purchasing and wanting after service be weary of the dealership.
Inbox if wanting dealership name as I don't like posting in public.
I recently purchased an A3 in Melb from dealership. Now realising that servicing was signed off but not done, very tricky wording by sales people. Most disappointing experience.
Shoot the messenger... Audi are awesome cars but some dealers are just dhea..., maps and firmware updates are not hard to update at all.
Hi Keldo, I have Audi Q5 3.0 TDI MY2012 MMI 3G. This is the software version and map version.

When I called dealer they said there is no software update for my car but 2014 maps are $600+ for update.

I want to know whether there is a firmware version later than for MMI 3G if there what is the latest. I found this Audi-Nav.com website saying this is the latest for my car

Is this true?

Thanks for your help. Sorry if I side tracked this thread.

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You have the MMI 3G system (not to be confused with 3G+). The latest firmware version for 3G is 0257 so your firmware (0072) is several versions out of date.
Thanks Alister for quick response. How do I update the firmware n Maps to the latest. I am right now trying to understand Keldo replies. But where do I get the firmware n maps. Please forgive my ignorance.

The firmware update disks can be bought from the dealership parts counter relatively cheaply. Can also be found online or even downloaded if you search hard enough.

Maps are a different story and a bit of a process...
OK, good luck.

FYI the part number is 8R0 906 961 DF - this should make it easier to find (either at your dealer or online).
Thank you so much for Leeds. Firmware downloaded, currently downloading the 2014 maps I am very sleepy but couldn't sleep. Almost there, part 4 half finished. Thanks once again.

The amount of broken MMI units I have repaired this year has been absolutely ridiculous (financially speaking, has been fabulous for me); people download firmware and apply it, it obviously works ok because it's well packaged by Audi and it doesn't have any licensing requirements. Then they get courage to download Map from dodgy websites thinking it's all the same.... but they end up with a bricked unit, when this happens (as an immediate pain relief) you can try this: https://www.scribd.com/doc/225614389/how-to-recover-a-bricked-Audi-MMI-3G - however, when all fails, build strength in the face of your pain and grief and have your unit repaired professionally.

I agree with the fact the Map in Australia is way overpriced but I don't condone software piracy, I strongly embrace the safer methods...
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Updated maps too, all went well, I can see new suburbs in ACT. Had to clear 2 errors. A5oc forum thread "latest software and Nav version " is very helpful.

Can some one tell me what is the code for the latest AU maps so I can check against my version. I have 2015 MY and seem to have old maps? Maybe they are the latest but I don't know how to tell.
Latest I believe is Audi 2014 Australia maps, NaV database version is 8R0060884BN AN 5.6.5.


Thanks for this I'll check my version . Would it be expected that the latest version is supplied with a new vehicle ?
Latest I believe is Audi 2014 Australia maps, NaV database version is 8R0060884BN AN 5.6.5.


Just checked seems I have this version! Oh well such is life. I don't seem to have the in car setup that lets me connect to the internet? I thought I would be able to data stream via my phone but this does not seem a possibility, any clues or is this just not possible ? I do have the WLAN in the car but believe this is for steaming music to the MMI.