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New A6?


New member
hey guys, think most of you being Audi people would have already seen this but I just saw it for the first time


Why is Audi still going on about the new grill? it is so ugly.


I haven't read the thing yet, it's too long and I read too slow but if you guys want here's the link http://www.vwvortex.com/artman/publish/audi_news/article_672.shtml?page=1

The front looks like the A4 but with the ugly nose :(

I must be the only one who likes the front. I think it will become meaner in s or rs form.

I love the steering wheel.

Bonnet lines

Anyone else notice the new bonnet shut-lines? They go from the inside edge of the headlamp back to the the bottom of the a-pillar.... quite unconventional, like an old Morris....
The bonnet appears to make the engine harder to work on. Alot of features from the A8 can be seen in the interior such as the MMI, electric hand brake, start and stop button and the multifunction steering wheel. The gear lever looks great.
new name: APig. It's not an A6 anymore.

-- james
What amazes me about the new A6 is that they continued with this new nose. BMW arent exactly on the ropes but Chris Bangle ( head of BMW design) has totally stuffed up BMW design The 7 series new 5 and Z4 are fine examples of his work.

At last Audi was looking like the most attractive of the prestige European brands ( mercedes are for grey cardigan types migrating from Volvo's) and then......................... They stuck a nose the size of Rudolph the reindeer or Pinnochio on the new A8 and A6.

Only Audi could try and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.............
I think the aftermarket will make a motza sorting out the asthetics. Thats if people even buy them. Too much change on too many models all at the same time. Maybe they should feel out the market with just one of them for the time being.