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Nice nice...


New member
saw a nice 85 quattro.... 100*** kms..... one owner..
trading post.. randomly fliking through....
this a normal price for one?
:roll: It sounds to good to be true,check it out though.
If you are interested go to here before you part with your brass.
If it is an 85 it should have ABS,8in mags,didgital dash,etc.
It should also have a voice synthesiser to warn of problems with brakes,oil,water etc. If this is disconnected be careful because it may have been disabled to hide faults.
Can you send photos?
It could also be a coupe quattro not a WR quattro.[no genuine flares]
ill nick my mates unique cars and post the ad.....
i couldnt believe it!

That could be a good buy for someone, depending on service history etc. :) I will see what I can find out. :wink:
Can you give us the phone nos.They are not very clear and I can't get through,I could have the nos. wrong. :beat:
Hi guys,It seems that this may have been a Coupe only,I'm checking.
The car has been sold to someone in Melbourne and originaly came from NZ.
I spoke to the seller and she said she was very sad to see it go,and loved the car very much.She is emailing me some photos so I will know more soon. :D :D
there was another one but the pic didnt come out...
ill take another pic of the ad when i can... it was a nice red one...
:shock: 15 bigones though. :shock:
It was a coupe for sure,I have just seen the photos the lady sent through.
She didn't tell me the final price but it was pretty close I think to what was asked.She shipped the car to Melbourne. :cry:
hi there dougie,
i have been out of town (and the country) for a while, but back in melbourne for 6 weeks before flying to proserpine.
my car is still for sale (i hope to get an ad in the paper for saturday), but certainly not at the price of a standard coupe.
spoke with todd corey (email) today; his project (a genuine sport body) is taking time, but he tells me he has just about all the correct factory running gear for the body, so just needs some time to work on it.
richard b
That was a pretty good price for a coupe though.
Don't forget to list the MB on the site for sale. :D