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No sources play on Q7's rear seat entertainment


New member
I recently purchased a 2016 Audi Q7 that came with the official Audi rear seat entertainment system (removable tablet screens). These work fine as tablets, connect to the car WiFi fine, display car stats etc. However the MMI refuses to play any sources on them (in-car DVD and TV tuner).

If I play a DVD (any region) I get an error of 'The medium is not supported' on the tablet screens, though it plays fine on the front screen. Similarly if while watching live TV on the front screen I choose to display it on the tablets, the tablets just show a spinning 'please wait' style icon indefinitely. It's also possible to pick music from the MMI's SD cards via the tablets to play through the car speakers, but not on the tablets headphone output which seems odd.

Tried factory resetting, any scrutinising any settings both on the tablet and MMI which might help to no avail. If anyone has any other suggestions, or whether possibly some coding by the previous owner may have disabled something that wouls be much appreciated. Would be great to have this working for the next road trip with the kids :)

The RSE setup offered in the 4M Q7s does leave a bit to be desired IMO, and doesn't integrate nearly as well as it should with the broader MMI system.
Ah that's unfortunate - still I'm surprised the integration completely fails with all sources. Feels like more like something is misconfigured than a quirk - but maybe that's just my optimism! Thanks
Have you tried to get the car scanned with vcds to see if there are any errors?

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Thanks for the suggestion - and apologies it's taken me this long to reply, took a while for my diagnostic tool to be delivered. There were a few multimedia related codes coming up. I cleared them, though a few came straight back up - then reproduced the issue and no further codes were logged.

The ones I'm seeing are:
004E Control head rear right:
- U12A800 - Multimedia system display unit - no communication. I'm assuming this is just from when I remove the tablet though. It can definitely communicate with MMI when docked
- U110100 - Component protection active

005F - Information Control Unit 1:
- B201A00 - Checking software version management
- U10C000 - Control module for instrument panel insert on optical data bus. No communication - though after I cleared this one it didn't come back

Not sure any of these are smoking guns?