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Plz help. Keyless Central lock kit



Hi I got this kit off ebay.. since it comes with a set of already paired keyfobs to the module and shells which i can convert my key over and being that its already program i figured why not.. i was thinking I can just splice the wires and re-route the new receiver/brain/module to my existing central lock in my audi a4 b6. I dont know where to start.. im having trouble locating the existing remote receiver.. is it in the drivers door or is in the boot or is it near the ccm on the passenger side footwell. Neway in the 2 pics.. thats what i bought..

Anyone has the expertise to help a brother?



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I'm no expert, but i don't think this will work. Your keys are tied to an engine immobiliser... not sure I'd you can bypass that...

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I wonder what the hell the advertisement was on then. Say it will work on audi a4.. just plug and play.. just gotta sort the wires out..

Ah fine ill program the damm thing.. was really trying to avoid 300 bucks.. cuz i just got myself a 2nd keyfob.. only thing is it was from another car.. hope i can reprogram this key to my car.. found it for 30. Thought i cudnt go wrong

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Dont take my word for it, i could be wrong... what do the instructions say?

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Instructions r hopeless.. u know how these universal install guides are.. doesnt make sense and doesnt show where to plug.. only lists the wire color for the provided kit.. and i cant find anything for the b6s

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Jnrdavo is right about the immobiliser.
Remote entry and immobiliser are two separate things. Remotes are easy to pair, immobilisers aren't.

Is your car fitted with factory remote entry? By B6 it should have been...
Do you only have one working key (that starts the car)?
Is it a flip key?
Or is it a more conventional key with a plastic top?

My experience with remote entry is on B5's. In those, the remote module is located under the rear seat.
Yeh all factory.. flip keyfob.. wen i settled and they hand me the keys.. there was a keyfob flip.. black plastic key.. and the basic blade and plastic top grip key.. which is branded silca or something.. which i know is generic recut for sure.. but it seems like the type that would have a rfid pill in it.. but it wouldnt start the car.. i can only start with the keyfob.. also.. when u lock the car.. u know the security light on driver side door.. it blinks as normal.. but headlight doesnt flash to let me know if alarm is engaged or not.. far as im aware when i lock with the key.. all doors just lock and security light starts blinking.. so what steps can i do now to get keyless remote entry and where is the immobe located.. as of now i only know i need someone who has rosstechs vcds.. im still waiting for my t.o.a.d vcds to be delivered

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I believe that if you need to code a key to the immobiliser you need to take the car to Audi or another specialist. VCDS cannot code the immobiliser without access to the security code.
When I got my B7 it cam with 2 flip keys. Both will start the car, but only 1 will remote lock/unlock. The other I have to use the blade in the lock. I've tried everything I can find online to pair it to the car, but cannot get it to work remotely. As it starts the car, I'm not up to paying Audi the $300 to recode it.
I could be wrong but I think your options are limited.
Step 1 - new battery in the remote section of the flip remote!

Step 2 - use this method to program the remote (it shouldn't matter if the key in the ignition disarms the immobiliser):

They can also be programmed via VCDS, but I've never used that method - Rosstech site will give instructions.
Edit: Rosstech link

The immobiliser on a B6 is part of the Dash module and requires a PIN code to access.
There are methods to retrieve the PIN, but I've never done it - Ian P Gonzaga may be able to help there

Depending where you are, certain specialist locksmiths can program immobilisers.
If you're extremely lucky, the remotes you bought with your new module might be compatible with the car (I'm doubtful though!!).
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So recap.. im gona work in this this coming weekend.. wait im confused. Ive been told that vcds can program keyfobs.. i might be sitting on a factory key that starts the car but isnt linked to the dash/immo.. im located in Melbourne south east. Im a baller in the keysborough area.. lol. Neway u guys r giving me mixed opinions.. so whats the best way.. obviously audi dealers would definitely be able to sort this out.. but at a 600 price tag i really rather work on the engine components.. any one in melb that can help me out for 200.. 100 a key

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This is exactly the reason i bought the keysless entry kit.. with paired remotes and receiver module.. thought I could tap in to the point where all the central lock wires meet and combine and run the new receiver.. guys think abt it for a second.. Currently all the wires for each of my factory central locking door runs to the main driver side door or to the boot.. right.. and from the main.. it obviously runs to the immobe.. this is the point if i were to do it i can run it to the new receiver right?? Or have i got this all wrong.. if someone proves this is wrong.. ill fix it properly with a audi dealer.. Appreciate ur help guys..

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