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Power Wire on stereo


New member
Can someone please tell me where my power wire is on my Symphony II?

Or even better from this link here:
I think the link you supplied pretty much tells you the answer!!


5-Power Antenna Turn On

6-Dash Light Dimmer Wire

A7 & A8!

Connector C looks very different on both your diagram and the link so i do not know which would be relevant to you. Note that Control will be the constant +12V which keeps the unit's memory.
Thanks for the info guys.
Much appreciated.

YNVEST - no not making a remote. Thanks for the suggestion though.
Do either of the pics (posted or linked) look like the plug on the back of your radio?
I note the link is headed "Gamma" not Symphony II.
A quick look at Elsawin seems to indicate that you should check for 12V across Connector C, 7(+) and 8 (-). I am guessing a bit that I have found the right info as well, not knowing the exact model & options details of your car.
Note that there will be no "accessories" power supply to the radio as such, expect to see a parmanent power supply in - the CAN bus tells it when to turn ON when you have turned the key.

Well they both do i guess.
The picture above looks like the whole back of the stereo where as the picture link looks like the section where the 3 plugs lock in.

I do see differences though.
I need to check the diagram on my stereo when I get home i guess.

Thank you for your help though!