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Q7 fan noise when off.


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With my 2008 Q7 4.2 TTDI, over the last few weeks I have noticed that there is a fan type noise coming from the front passenger wheel area while the car is not being used and engine off. It does not happen just after the engine is switched off but some time later the noise will start. It may be 30 minutes or more after switching off and will continue for 20 minutes or more before it stops, only to start again later. I have heard it when the car has been stationary for more than 5 hours and even in the morning after the vehicle has not been used since the previous day. In such cases I do not know if it has been going all night or just for periods during the night.
The weather has been very hot lately and the garage in which the car is left hardly cools down overnight. The noise is not necessarily there when parked in a well ventilated shopping centre car park and left for a couple of hours. I am thinking it is temperature dependent. I cannot even work out what fan it that is running, it is not the interior cabin fan as there is nothing coming through the vents. It is not the radiator fans. Only that it appears to be emanating from the front passenger wheel / lower windscreen area.
Has anyone experienced this? What is happening and how do I fix it.
sounds like this..

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Thank you for your answer. It was indeed the aux heater fan, and removing the 20A fuse stopped it.
It was very strange that the fan had stopped for 48 hours and then it occurred again. To me it seemed weather dependant, coming on when it was hot and humid, but with drier conditions of the same temperature not turning on. Whatever, I don't think I will need to have the fuse in place again as I don't think I will need any heating.