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Q7 wheels


New member
Hey guys and gals,

Can anyone confirm if 19 inch wheels from a 2017 Q7, will fit onto 2011 Q7 with no issues ?

Photo of said wheel for sale below.


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No. Earlier Q7 had the older VAG wheel PCD of 5 x 130. Later models changed to 5x112. You can double check by getting the seller to measure the PCD.
Offset may be able to be managed. At least you could use spacers in certain circumstances but PCD is a far greater hurdle.
Legend thanks for clarifying!

Looks like I'll give them a miss and just spend the money on new tyres for the 21 inches

The only issue I have that concerns me is the spare wheel is an 18 ( so not even close to the current 21s) it's coming on and I'm keen to road trip up the east coast.

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Forget about the 18". It's the tyre circumference that is critical. If you have factory option wheels and OE size tyres then the spare should be within a few mm as Audi have critical issues with differing tyre dimensions. Nevertheless, I always buy a full size spare wheel, you aren't constrained by speed restrictions etc that apply to the emergency spare.
Storage wise, 3 options.
Roof rack. Not for me, top weight issues, impossible to replace if you get injured etc
Rear boot. Best option if you don't have storage requirements for other stuff, luggage etc.
Swing away / down tyre carrier. I chose the drop down carrier. Stick it in the hitch receiver for a trip and take it off when driving locally, if you can be bothered.