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Shannons German Car Display 20 Sep 2015


New member
On again this year it seems, at the Patrick White Lawns behind the National Library. There was a good RS turnout last year plus a few other models to broaden the base. Anyone have plans for this year so far?
Didn't know it was on. So organized my daughters baptism on that day. No chance of changing that date.

Tongue in Cheek :big_wink:

Can't say you would win any discussion on whats on on that day. Enjoy, there is always another car show.
I was planning on bringing my '76 100 Coupe S but the rebuild is taking longer than planned.....
I was planning on bringing my '76 100 Coupe S but the rebuild is taking longer than planned.....

Trailer :roll: Work in progress. Your car gets some Vitamin D too. Other than that, when does it ever take less time than planned. You should always have something on the burner that you have to do before you tackle something that you definitely don't want to do. Come anyway and kick some tyres.
I'll bring my '82 200 5T instead. At least they'll be one old Audi there.

In AUDI land 15 years is really old, ask a salesman! 33 is interesting, it'll be great not to have just the last few years models on display. Perspective.
There has been a little mis-information around about the location of this years display in a couple of car club magazines. Just been in touch with the VW club and they have confirmed Patrick White lawns for this years Shannons German Car display. I believe that next years will have another venue.
hi guys.. i should be there with my S3... whats the entry fee and what time you we need to be there? thanks. Mick

Sorry, no idea. We pay it to the VW tent from memory, maybe $5 but I really don't know. Arrival between 0800 & 0900. The earlier the better.
I think I may have an R8 lined-up (if my crowd funding idea comes off- no just kidding). It is an impressive car from the J Racing stable.

Plan B: I received a reply from Canb Audi Centre. It can't supply an R8 as they are unsure if the LMX will be available on the day and whether there will be staff available to drive it to and from the event. They asked what might be an alternate vehicle and I suggested anything other than the Q series as the rest of the cars are passenger as opposed to SUVs. I have left it up to them what they believe may be a suitable alternative from their current stable of cars. At least they replied.