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should I buy it?!


New member
I know I am the only one who can answer this but Im interested in what people with UR restoration experience think.
I originally owned this in 94-98 in NZ, its a 1983 non sun roof english conversion import to NZ. I sold it in 98 for nz$7700 (!!) and now have the option to buy it back (I'm in brisbane now), its been with same owner since and has done about 3000mi in that time. I looked at it last week, has same tyres I put on it, starts drives, pulls well, the awful lag is still there too. the body has aged, 2 areas that concern me, top of L wing, and windscreen surround lower drivers, however you can get a hand in under and feel little bad. it really needs a respray, some mechanical freshening (brakes, bushes, wheel bearings probably, all fluids etc etc). the interior is v good apart from some dash cracking and holes someone made once (not me!). I can get the car with a spare set of brakes, 200T engine and ancillaries and spare rims. just have to ship it out ($2500). am anticipating it would need a bit of body work (respray and there is some un pretty lumps around top of rear guards to body area). I would aim to keep it original but perhaps change the turbo to something that spools up better and hopefully reduce the lag, not sure on the practicalities of that yet. underneath the car looks very sound, its been in a dry shed for 18 years.
so, I think it represents a good sound original car, however needs probably 15000 spent on it. any comments welcome!


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unless you can resto it yourself as in body and paint your 15000 will most prob end up 25000 ish so if was you would think hard on it as 25000 will buy you somthing pretty decent without the dramas
As you rightly say, only you can decide. I don't fit the UR restorer profile but I have had my share of restoreable cars. Big attraction is buying back something you once owned. Makes it an attractive association. As a "Barn find" it is immaculate compared with most. Without the emotion, would you be better investing in an Australian delivered model? The corrosion appearing looks much like what I have had on UK delivered cars and in older models, it ends up everywhere as the paint protection wasn't effective. One UK winter may have sewed enough to cause you some grief down track. It's only money :)
Hi Ian,
I've had to do a lot of restorative work on my 84 Ur.......and unfortunately, still have a ton more to do :thumbs_dn:
Anyway, I also live in Brissy so i'm wondering if you'd be OK to have a telephone chat one of these days? If so, please send me a PM as apparently, I haven't posted enough times to PM you.....or anyone!
Cheers, Grant
I agree with the previous comments about bodywork and mechanical restoration.
If you're capable to do most yourself, that's great, otherwise it will be a money pit.
Balance that amount of work and dollars against the satisfaction you'll get from it.
I've restored an Audi A4 Quattro, and currently working on a 2001.
I bought a K03 Turbo and rebuild parts cheaply from Jiamparts via Alibaba. $200 AUD Landed in Oz.
Done 15,000 km with no issues.
Good luck.

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ive rejected the purchase offer and my counter offer has had no reply. I just spent 3 years doing a bare metal resto on a fiat 131 Racing and know the pain of dealing with panel beaters and painters (and rust!) so I think I will save myself the unhappiness!
thanks all.
Hi Ian, sorry to hear that, but do understand, I've spent 4 years restoring a 88MB quattro, love it, cant sell it, and cant stop looking and listening to the tune of the glorious engine, yes a bit of a money pit, but would only recommend buying a quattro if your as well-off as Packer or can undertake much of the work at home, garage costs on this vehicle are sky-hi and too be avoided when ever possible