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Sticky: Random chat thread

Some shoots I thought looked nice



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nice one, now you're just boasting!!!
Just ordered my new plates
I can’t believe this combo wasn’t taken


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I hope the small guy in the picture is not fishing!
It's with much sadness that I traded in my 2004 A6 - for a Rav4. My family seems to have this ability to hit things like kerbs and speed humps. Bumper's been pulled off (A4 once and A6 once), sump's been cracked (A4 twice). So instead of persevering, in a moment of weakness I relented and bought a 2016 Rav4. Slightly higher ground clearance and cost of maintenance should be much lower. I know that it comes apart much easier than an Audi. As I was pulling parts of the A6 dash apart to remove my phone mount, I was reminded one more time that the Germans really like to make things complicated. And as I pulled parts of the dash off the Rav4 to work out how to mount my phone mount, the ease of the task reminded me why the Japs are so good in manufacturing. It's a Toyota so it's as beige as they come, but that's OK. I still have the 1999 A4 which one day I will restore, hopefully.
That's sad news mate.. when I look at a lot of the other brands out there, bland is the right word!

I'm always surprised at the crappy stereo they have in these models, they look like something from 1998!

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I know what you mean, ground clearance, low front spoilers etc can be an issue with many models these days.
When we owned our RS3, we were VERY careful, (you have to be!). Some people don't seem to care about hitting/fouling their front spoiler/undertray, I've lost count of the number of people I've seen parking & heard the dreaded "scrape" as they hit a curb, but invariably the driver just gets out & doesn't even look to see what He (or she) has done.
We traded our RS3 on a new RSQ3 last year, which has better ground clearance, but care is still required.
interesting one today. The Skoda Kodiaq RS had a 'oil change' warning light on, so we book in for this week. Next service is not due to end of year, but the oil change was free under the 'service plan' that we have, so we booked it in.
Later in the day I got an email with a 'report' on our car. That linked to a website with pics of the car (lots of green 'ok' ones) and a few red/orange one. What they listed we needed were:
Front windscreen wiper
Rear windscreen wiper
Front and rear discs
Front and rear pads
2 x front tyres
They had the options to 'accept' or declined.

I declined all of them of course, cost if we went ahead was $4.5K..

When we picked up the car, they mentioned the brakes etc and said they were probably good for another 10,000 Kays... or so, depending on how we drove the car.

So I'm not sure what your average Joe does. They get this 'message' from the dealer, with RED and orange warnings over the safety of their cars tyres and brakes, and I'm sure a large 'not knowing' people would just have to press the 'accept' button and pay the money, not knowing they still had thousands of perfectly good usage in the current setup..

Me smells a bit of a con...
Im back.
Been a bit busy these days.
House should be build by next year so soon as I have my workshop back im gonna be a very busy one.
Also found a set of 3 rotor wheels for my Polo
Anyone here got a spare Audi A1 rotor wheel be any chance?



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They look good mate, but the fitting is a little bit off. I would be checking that the lock nuts are all tightened to spec ;-)

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Yeh its a hard wheel to find these in the 5x100pcd
I got so many things I wana do to this little beast.
My goal is to get a TTRS 5 pot engine in it some how.
Or a VR6 engine

Right now I really need one wheel

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I think Im done with my plans.
More then enough garage space for my workshop



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nice one. how tall is the garage, enough for a hoist?

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I reckon if you get rid of the laundry and the lounge you could make it a 4 car garage. have you googled to see if there's a laundrette near by...
I'm sure you're already all over this Muckman, but make sure you slab is thick enough to support a hoist (not all are).