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Sticky: Random chat thread

It’s very common with all w204 models to have these defects.
It’s piss poor.
My Q5 had. More kms on it and ways 100times better than this shit.
Trust me from first hand experience. Audi interior is far more superior
My rs5 same year model same amount of kms and it shits over the C63

It’s not just the age and year, it’s just the piss poor quality.

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Hi Pickles, hope you are talking about the 1969 version and not those marketing exercises Omega has pushed out ever since on the coat tails of the original. Sadly, I don't have one of those but the next best thing is an original Speedmaster Professional Mk2 with the racing dial. A bit battered but it has been with me ever since it was released.
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No, mine is the original "Moonwatch", had it for over 50 yrs, last time I had it serviced, it was sent to Switzerland!!
Hey Pickles.
Man, I wish I could 1, afford an omega, and 2, like their size on my wrist.
I've got an 8" wrist, which I didn't realise was so big until I started looking into it.
And really narrowed down what I like to bigger watches.
I don't really like dipping below a 44mm case size, and even then, feels a little small.
Any pics of the watch?
Hello Luke, mate, I'm hopeless on computers, I wouldn't have a clue to put up pics!
To add pics, click on the 'Attach Files' button, or click on the 'Add picture' button..

See picture below of me replying to this message!


Im selling my C63 to get another RS5

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do you mind me asking what price you expect to get please. just curios on second hand values as i have one too...
yeah, I love my V8... Then again, I love my S3 8P turbo... small engine with huge potential with a decent turbo.
I'm wanting to take out my engine, strip it and put in some decent internals (pistons, conrods etc) and front what I've read, you can get 500 odd HP from it this way...

do you know whats required to get 500+ hp please. i have a tte420 turbo on my built motor but would ideally like the 500 to 550 mark...
lighter pistons, stronger con rods, head bolts etc.
I've not got the brand names as yet I'm going to use bit if you search for 500+ horse power for the ea888 or ea113 it should come up with examples..

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do you mind me asking what price you expect to get please. just curios on second hand values as i have one too...

Mines a 2011 with the updated 2012 engine so it’s a rare model being that it still has the more reliable torque converter.
Im asking 42K which makes it really the cheapest C63 on the market with onyl 110,000kms
I shoudl be selling it around 47K but I just want another RS5 and that’s how much a RS5 goes for

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Stupid question,
Can any VW or Audi engine be tuned ?
Im looking at porting my little 1.4 CGGB Polo Engine and keen to get it re mapped to get a bit more power sacrificing fuel efficiency.
But it’s my daily and Id love to get close to GTI performance but not running the turbo.

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Hey Shant, I'm a liverpool supporter too (I lived in England for quite a few years, and supported Derby, but they are almost non-existent now, so have supported Liverpool for about 10 years).

I've also just built a new pc, but have been doing it for years. Last one lasted for 5 years or so (?), but didn't have TPM, so wouldn't take windows 11, and I like to be bleeding edge with software (I have a microsoft partner membership, so get the latest etc).

Not sure who I really go for in F1... I want Ricciardo to win, but I suppose I go for red bull in the end... Will be interesting if/when Porsche/Audi/VW go in, to see what actually happens (ie, will they just supply engines to existing teams, or start a new one).
G'Day Jnrdavo, I lived in the Uk until I was 14, I've been a "M.U." supporter for all of my life. Living In Manchester, you were either "The Blue" (City) or "The Red" (M.U.) Also lived in Herefordshire for a few years, a beautiful part of the World. BIG fan of Winston Churchill and all that He stood for.
that wasn't you in the black lambo behind me a few minutes ago was it muckman?

Terry hills..

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So I found a RS5 that I want so bad. Got everything I want.
No DRC, recaro buckets, black optics pack the lot.
Anyways my land is now registered and I will be using paying it out ASAP to get the build on its way soon as possible.
What ever was left over I was gonna put towards another car.
But now my builder is asking for 5% deposit of the build cost for even the build to commence , even though Iv already payed thing 3K post tender agreement.
So now I need to come up with around $24,000 for this build to even start.
This is money I had no idea that I though Id need right up.
Is this standard for builders to ask for ?
Or does this money just come out of the home lone?

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I'm not sure, and will depend on your contract with builder and bank, but did find this on westpac site..

"While a standard home loan charges you interest on the full loan amount from settlement, a construction option divides your loan into stages of the building process. Typically, a construction option offers interest-only repayments during construction to help with cash flow."

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More changes to the S3...

New leather arm rests all around.


Also got new gear surround, new grab bars and new arm rest, all in leather with white stitching.

Make is look a bit more modern me thinks..