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Thinking of buying that red UR in Sydney!



Hi there,

New to this forum! I'm very interested in that red quattro for sale in Sydney; it's been my dream car since standing in the forests in Scotland watching Mouton & Mikkola fang the real things back in the mid-'80s. Is there any particular problem these cars develop, anything I should be especially careful about? I've imported cars from the UK so don't mention the iron oxide problem- am all too aware of THAT! I won't be fiddling with it, or trying to chip it, just want one for nostalgic purposes, and the odd scream round the rural roads. I keep hearing the name Kevin Bartlett associated with vintage Audi; can anyone supply contact details for this man? Many thanks in advance!
:p HI Wombat,
The site below has all the info you need,down load the Buying a UR quattro information and give it to who ever looks at the car for you.
Then go to this forum and ask your questions.
Kevin Bartlett has had a fair bit to do with quattro's and his name comes up fairley often.It would be great to get more information about this,someone perhaps could enlighten us.I believe Kevin owns one of the ex Kerry Packer cars,at least that's the what I hear.
Be very sure of the history of the car your looking at.
Email me,I may be able to help further.
no you can't buy it! i might... well i'd like to, every time i see one i get all "buyee" and remember that there my fave car, if only i had less debts. will have to work on it. i found it yesterday, is it still for sale?
also with older quattros, what do you guy use for fuel? i know the UK/europe was different to use for fuel.
Hi Mik.
Sorry,I've been away doing a few silly things in my Jowett Jupiter around Tasmania.
I use BP ultimate in my UR quattro,it has the least sulphur and the highest octane, or so I'm told.
Go to my previous thread and then to the sites given there. :big_wink: