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Tuning 2021 RS4: Is there a premium product..software and installation


New member
I have a 2021 Audi RS4 and I want the "next level" tune. I did this on my previous 2011 Audi S4..it was great and reliable. But that tuner APR does not do 2021 RS4 as it is unavailable in USA.
There are many tuners out there. They seem to be "sellers".
As a consumer, how does one know how to "buy" a premium "product"...software/hardware and installer.
From my research, it seems ABT is the only one that AUDI Europe has confidence in, as in Europe there is some form of warranty.

Am I barking up the wrong tree.? It does not matter!
It seems to me that the tuners "remap" the car's computer to provide..in the tuners opinion..the best combination of torque/kw increase without overstressing the system.
Because there are so many variables involved, each tuner does it "their way". Correct?

In the real world, you can see with this engine viz. Audi and Porsche... as there are different outputs of the same engine.
Not sure where you are based, but if in Sydney, call European Autotech and see what they can do for you.
In Brisbane, try Prestige and Performance.
In Melb, try faststuff..
I think that you have already identified the answer to your question. So what is it you really want to know?. Unless you can find someone to write your tune from scratch you are left with those products that are actually available to buy off the shelf if they suit you. Don't forget of course that you may be able to use a Porsche tune if everything else is in order. Of course there are different outputs from the same engine, it's all marketing. You aren't going to sell a more powerful car cheaper than a headline unit. This is as old as the hills and the VAG are masters at it.

If you disregard for a moment those outlets selling someone elses tune, you may still find a tuner who developed an off the shelf product or finally, the full custom tune. There are a good number of custom tuner out there and you can do this on-line from Europe or UK depending on if you have the equipment and skills to gather parameters and upload new tunes. If not then you are either going to pay someone for all those hours or buy an off the shelf tune like ABT and get it uploaded just the once.

Each tuner is an individual and has their own idea of what makes a good tune. Reviews are so so as a basis for purchase, do they point you to a specific outlet where a commission may be paid? Who is the reviewer, are they qualified to assess? What characteristics are you after? Add more torque down low and you may run into gearbox issues. Is it a hot or cold weather car? In the end you are either going to have to make your own choice from scratch based on advertised specifications or rely on a review from someone you trust. There is just no other way.

The safe answer is a commercial tune or a factory tune from a more powerful version of that engine, which will generally be less powerful but more conservative. Once you get into the realm of custom tunes, you may find the tuner is very insistent on certain attributes as that is what they are comfortable and familiar with. You may not be delighted with the outcome, as much because the tuner cannot put together the exact package you have in your mind for various technical reasons. The commercial tune is a get what you get outcome and designed to accommodate the maximum number of off the shelf customers.