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Tuning question for 2023 Audi S5

John M

New member
Hi guys

I am new to this forum and also posted this question in the general help area:

Pretty excited re picking up a 2023 demo S5 this week. I have been fortunate enough to have owned a number of sports cars in my time, but the test drive I took of this car blew my mind.:p Amazing car as a total package. Being a petrol head tragic though, I am interested in getting a tune- after all, you can never have enough power can you!

I have heard good things about Faststuff in Mordialloc Melbourne and notice that they offer Racing Line and DMS tunes boasting some impressive HP gains.

I would like to leave the car stock with this tune- so nothing over the top. Any recocommendations re reliable tuners in Melbourne and your thoughts on Racing Line or DMS as possible tunes? I won't be tracking this car so the tune will just be for my car as a daily driver.
Thanks guys
Faststuff have a good rep for most people.

both tunes are good, but local suppliers will be able to tell you about each benefit..

some/most tunes like a cold air intake to force some extra into the engine.. also some want/like a better exhaust/pipe to exit the gasses..

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Thanks jnrdavo. I'll go and speak to Faststuff this week.
Reposting my reply in your other thread here too:

I've personally had a poor experience with a DMS tune and their Australian distributor Harding Performance so would be avoiding both (they also distribute Racing Line).

If it were me I would be more inclined to go with the APR tune. There is quite a few resellers around Melbourne including Volkwerke in Doncaster who I've personally had good dealings with.
HI guys

I would like to do a tune on my new S5 and wondered whether I should put in at least 1000kms first before putting the car on the dyno and doing some pulls as part of the tune? I've done 700kms now.

Also does the B9 free up after running in or the motor pretty well run in out of the factory


I would suggest running the car in first, if only to ensure there is no issues that should be addressed under warranty first (as once you've tuned the car your warranty will be compromised).