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Unusual noise after engine is turned off


New member
Hi All,
Thanks for reading this and hopefully any of you can give some ideas. I have 2015 Q5 2L TFSI petrol with just under 90000km. When engine is turned off, there is an unusual noise coming from the engine bay. It sounds like electrical pump or valves or something, it's hard to describe it (but I attached a zip file of the recorded noise I took). The noise goes on for about 1 min then goes away. It doesn't sound like an electrical fan for sure. The car drives normally. The car had error 17789 - P00B7 when checked on the service computer then the coolant was flushed and minor service was completed. The car seems to be functioning normally and has never had overheating issues. Much appreciated if anyone could share their opinions on this. Thanks :)


  • Voice 008-2.zip
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sounds like a dog!!!

or... a pump of some kind. Can you get your ears closer to try and narrow down where it is coming from?

Some independents will have a car stethoscope they can use to find faults like this..
Hi, Thanks for your reply. No, I don't have a dog :)) . I attached a photo and highlighted where approximately the noise is coming from (not necessarily from that pipe but it's around there).20230825_144254.jpg
they look like evap pipes... you might have a crack/leak in one of them... but that would be a more consistent noise when you press the go faster pedal...